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Amaranthus Multi-Use Oil Flower Body Oils - 30ml

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  • Nature Ingredients: Amaranthus multi use oil is rich in Amaranthus essential oil, Amaranthus essential oil is distilled from the flowers of Amaranthus, with no adulterants or dilution, ensure 100% pure quality.
  • Aroma of Amaranthus Oil: Light Yellow liquid with a fresh, rich, intensely, floral aroma.
  • Main Ingredient of Amaranthus Multi-use Oil: Dried Amaranthus Flower, Amaranthus essential oil, Jojoba Oil, Camellia Seed Oil.
  • Multi-Use Body Oil: Apply to skin, hair, hands, face, body and nails as needed for moisture. Lasting refreshing floral scent.
  • Day & Night Care: This oil can be used in the morning and at night. Cleanse your face as you normally would and apply a thin layer. Multi-use oil for the desired skin.(Use daily before moisturizing allows your Multi-use oil to be absorbed better)
  • Product Included: 1 x 30ml (1oz) transparent glass bottle Amaranthus Multi-use Oil.