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Pastel Paradise - 20 Colors Gel Polish Set

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⭐ Features:

  • It can be easily removed with makeup remover.
  • Non-toxic materials, harmless to the environment and harmless to your body.
  • Does not contain carcinogenic and irritating acid harmful substances.
  • Durable and shiny, make your fingers more charming.
  • Suitable for UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails, etc.


  • 100% brand new and high quality!
  • Net content: 8.5ml/bottle
  • Suitable Lamp: UV Lamp or LED Lamp
  • Suitable for professional use or home use

⭐ Package Included:

20 bottles * 8.5ml Gel Nail polish

⭐ Notes:
1. Avoid all skin contact. If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately.
2. Keep tightly sealed. Keep out of sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

 How to Use:

1. Clean your nails then trimming nail surface as normal nail prep process.

2. Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure for 60s.

3. Apply 1st thin layer of color gel polish.

4. Gently brush it on your nails starting from the free edge and cure for 60s.

5. Apply a thin layer of top coat and cure for 60s.

6. Enjoy a 20+ days long-lasting manicure.

⭐ How to Remove:

1. File the top coat off.

2. Wrap your nails with cotton balls full of acetone and wait around 10 minutes.

3. Clean the softened gel with a cuticle pusher.

4. Apply some cuticle oil.