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Summer 6 Colors Solid Cream Nail Polish Set

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BURIBURI Solid Cream Nail Polish Kit Contains 6 Colors of Cream Nail Polish Pots and 1pc Nail Brush.

One Stroke Coloring

The solid gel polish is richer than the average gel polish formula, smooth enough to get a perfectly thin coat, and it goes right down to the cuticles and sides without spilling that liquid gel polish can't, it's also kind for beginners.

Healthy & Long-Lasting

It keeps nails on for 21+ days. Cream Nail Polish Kit for intense color with no opacity, and full coverage in 2-3 thin coats; comes with a professional nail brush for precise application, right down to cuticles and sides.

How to Use

1、Clean & Trim Nails

2、Apply Base Coat

3、Cure Nails Under UV/LED Lamp

4、Gently Brush It On Your Nails Starting From The Free Edge

5、Cure Nails Under UV/Led Lamp 60-90s

6、Apply Top Coat And Cure Nails Under UV/LED Lamp

Tips for Avoiding Streaks:

  1. Apply the gel base coat lightly with a nail brush;
  2. It is normal to be a little stiff before the first use, because there is a "protective wax", soak the brush in alcohol for three minutes, and use a cotton pad to absorb excess water;
  3. Fully soften the nail brush with alcohol or base oil first; "dig out" the gel a small amount, but do not "dig lightly" or "dig deep", otherwise streaks may appear when applying.