10 Easy Steps of DIY Manicure with Gel Polish

10 Easy Steps of DIY Manicure with Gel Polish

1. Trim the shape of the nails, smooth the edges of the trimmed nails with a sanding ruler.



2. Push the dead skin: Use a softener on your nails to soften cuticles, then use the dead skin fader to scrape away dead skin.

manicure with gel polish-push dead skin


3. Cut off dead skin: Use a dry towel to dry off the water after scraping off the dead skin. Use dead skin pliers to trim off the thorns around the nail.

manicure with gel polish-cutting dead skin


4. Polish the nail surface with a sponge: When polishing, the rear edge of the nail and the front part of the nail should be polished neatly. 


If the nail surface is not smooth, nail polish comes off easily.


5. Clean the nail surface.


6.Apply gel base coate. Apply evenly, avoid too thin or too thick.


7. Light therapy lamp 1 minute (LED light for 30 seconds).

The protein binding agent lighting time should not be less than 1 minute. Do not dry for less than 1 minute, and easy to fall off. Lighting time is too long, it will dry the floating glue on the surface. Surface floating glue can enhance the adhesion with colored nail polish.


8. Apply gel polish.

Before smearing, wrap the edges and sweep the brush on the bottle mouth before smearing.

Then thinly wrap around the front edge of the nail.

Apply the nail polish thinly and evenly on the nail surface, nail polish should be thin and even when applied, too thick will wrinkle.


9. Phototherapy light for 2 minutes (LED light for 1 minute).

For the first time, the nail polish must be illuminated for 2 minutes. If the time is not enough, it will not be fully cured. It is easy to tear the whole piece or the edge is easy to warp.

And the first pass did not dry easily with the second pass color.

Apply a second coat of nail polish, the method of applying the second coat of nail polish is the same as the first.


10. Apply the first coat of sealant.

manicure with gel polish-apply gel polish


Light therapy lamp 1 minute (LED light for 30 seconds),

Apply a second coat of sealant, light therapy lamp 2 minutes (LED light for 1 minute).


11. Cleaning fluid to clean surfaces. Wash the surface with a cleaning solution after the seal has been exposed for 2 minutes.

Avoid using other cleaning fluids, the poor effect of other cleaning solutions in cleaning the floating glue will affect the gloss of the sealing layer.

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