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ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel -A Wonderful Hack For Your Gel Manicure

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    When it comes to nail extension and nail art, there are so many options now, from shiny acrylic to stunning nail art effects, the world of nail art is always evolving! So, it's more important than ever to master the basics.

    But not only is the art of nail art and acrylic nails becoming more and more popular, but so are natural-looking nails promoting nail care and strength! This, in turn, paved the way for builder gel to sweep the industry…

    With ASP nail builder curing gel, you can create long, strong nail extensions without the need to carve acrylic powder. ASP nail builder curing gels are easier to learn than acrylic while still delivering amazing results in the salon or at home.

    Therefore, this post is written to introduce ASP nail builder curing gel and some tips for you to apply and remove ASP nail builder curing gel. Want to know more? Just keep on scrolling.

    ASP nail builder curing gel

    An Introduction To ASP

    ASP is a trusted brand designed for nail technicians, by nail care experts, to bring you the best quality products at reasonable prices!

    ASP offers educational support and advice, as well as a range of professional nail care programs including everything from spa-quality nail art/pedicure lines, nail treatments, acrylics, gels, tools, and accessories, and if that's not enough, an incredible range of hard nail polishes for a beautiful beauty!

    Founded more than 30 years ago in California, ASP features more than 1,000 Sally Beauty, Sally/Salon Services, and Pro Duo stores in the US, UK, and Europe. ASP nail builder curing gels are high-quality, exciting, and advanced products developed especially for every customer.

    While ASP nail builder curing gel offers unbeatable quality, it has an excellent low price point that makes it extremely competitive. Its European head offices are based in the UK, where they have a dedicated helpline, offering product assistance across its full range. ASP nail builder curing gel is readily available worldwide throughout Sally Beauty, Pro Duo, and Salon Services stores.

    What Is ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel?

    When you want to increase nail length, thickness, or strength, you can use ASP nail builder curing gel. You can apply the ASP nail builder curing gel to natural nails to form a flaky overlay or use it with the tip of the nail to increase nail length or enhance the effect. It is stronger than a regular gel base coat and formulated to have a much thicker consistency than regular polishes. They have high self-leveling properties and ensure a smooth foundation layer.

    Unscientifically, it's like gel nail polish and acrylic nails give birth to a baby.

    Also known as hard gel or UV hard gel, it is a thick, spreadable gel that hardens under LED or UV light to a dense, plastic-like consistency.

    According to Dr. Liz Pavlovic, from a scientific point of view, hard gels consist of (methamphetamine) acrylate monomers, methamphetamine (acrylate) oligomers, and photoinitiators. It is these photoinitiators that react with ultraviolet or LED light, which initiates a chemical reaction that transforms the monomer into a rigid plastic-like structure.

    Fun fact: Hard gel was first used on nails in the 50s of the 20th century when a dentist (Dr. Frederick Ske) repaired his broken nails with an acrylic gel solution used to cast crowns. It took nearly 40 years for this technology to make its way into the world of nails, as lamps with the right wavelength are hard to come by.

    What Are The Ingredients In ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel?

    Vitamin B3

    The main active ingredient of ASP nail builder curing gel is a form of vitamin B3 known as nicotinamide.
    It is a vitamin that is needed for the body to manufacture new cells.

    A small number of other ingredients are also present in gel including:


    Sesamol is a plant extract that has been used in the past to treat wounds

    Tocopheryl Acetate

    Tocopheryl acetate is a vitamin and an antioxidant that protects the nail from harmful UV rays

    Vitamin C And Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

    Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids are both antioxidants that protect the nail from free radicals.

    What Makes ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel Special?

    • Great for Encapsulating Nail Art
    • Crystal Clear
    • Odorless
    • Easy to File & Shape
    • Cures In LED or UV
    • Easy To Use
    • .3 oz

    The Benefits Of ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel

    One of the many benefits of the brush on ASP nail builder curing gel is it can be worn alone. So if you want to support a natural manicure but with really pretty shiny nails, it can be used as a base coat to a gel polish manicure or a traditional polish manicure.

    Another benefit to ASP nail builder curing gel is it gives your natural nails something to kind of anchor. So as your nails are growing out, they have something stable that they're able to help to keep them intact. preventing them from splitting or tearing or breaking.

    How To Apply ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel?

    There are 2 main ways to apply ASP nail builder curing gel.

    One is to use a pot of gel and a nail brush, like the one used for acrylic nails. The other is to use a builder gel in a bottle, which is used with a brush, just like nail polish.

    Let's analyze the steps of these two methods.

    Apply ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel With A Tub And Brush

    1. File your nails, polish them into the shape you want, and smooth the surface.
    2. Remove dust from nails with a lint-free wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol.
    3. Push your cuticles back (using a cuticle pusher or your finger) to remove excess skin.
    4. Apply nail tips or forms(if you're going to do extensions)
    5. Apply a thin layer of the dehydrator, gel base, or primer/bonder to the nail and let it dry completely (this will help the product adhere better).
    6. Use a fingernail brush to slide over the surface of the gel in the pot(you just need to apply the gel to the side of the brush).
    7. Apply a thin layer of gel to the nail, starting at the base of the nail and working your way up to the tip of the nail. Be sure to cover the free edge. Do not cure the first thin layer of nails, you just need to make sure that your nail plate is completely covered.
    8. Apply a thicker layer of gel and place it where you want. If you want extra strength you can create a little apex. Try not to dap or pat the gel, you should always slide and float on your nails in a flowing motion.
    9. Cure under UV lamp for 2 min or under LED lamp for 30 sec.
    10. Wipe off the sticky layer with a lint-free wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol.
    11. File down the product to create a smooth finish and nice clean edges.
    12. At this point, you can add a top coat and cure (in this case, you're done!) Or you can apply two coats of gel nail polish, (each coat cures), and then add another top coat, curing.

    Apply ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel In A Bottle

    Many people prefer to use builder gel in a bottle because they feel it is more familiar and easier to control.

    1. File, buff, and shape nails to make the surface of nails smooth.
    2. Wipe any dust with a lint-free wipe soaked in rubbing alcohol.
    3. Push your cuticles back and clip them if needed.
    4. Use tips or forms, if used.
    5. Apply a thin coat of bonder, primer, dehydrator, or gel base coat.
    6. When the base of the nail is completely dry, apply a thin coat of gel to ensure that the nail is covered. There is no need for a cure yet!
    7. Apply directly to a thicker coat of gel to shape your nails the way you want.
    8. Cures under LED lamp for 30 seconds or UV lamp for 2 minutes.
    9. File and shape gel nails to remove any lumps and create clean nail edges.
    10. Wipe off the sticky layer with a lint-free wipe soaked in alcohol.
    11. Top coat and cure, and then you're done! Or, if you prefer, you can add two coats of gel nail polish (cur for 2 minutes or 30 seconds each, depending on which lamp you have), then apply the top coat and do a final cure.
    ASP nail builder curing gel

    How To Remove ASP Nail Builder Curing Gel?

    To Remove Gel Nails, You Need:

    pure acetone.

    Cotton balls or pads.

    Tinfoil strips or plastic nail clips.

    Strong nail file.


    Cut off as many fake nails as possible.

    Soak a cotton ball in acetone.

    Place a soaked cotton ball on each nail and secure it with a nail clip or foil strip.

    Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove the cotton ball and gently scrape off the excess gel with an orangewood stick.

    Repeat the previous 4 steps if needed.

    Polishing your nails and applying cuticle oil.

    Useful Tips For Gel Manicures

    • The key to a DIY gel nail polish manicure is preparation - fully prepare your nails and you should get at least 2 weeks from your nail polish wear.
    • Please note that it is your responsibility to check the ingredients listed on the product to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction to any of the products.
    • The use of ultraviolet lamps by people who are sensitive to photos can cause skin reactions. So far, as far as I know, the use of LED lights has not caused such a reaction. However, I recommend that if this applies to you, you should seek medical advice before using it.
    • Always keep your coat thin. This reduces the chance of product creping, ensures proper curing, and helps with flawless application. Remember that you can apply an extra layer if needed.
    • Remember to shake the bottle thoroughly for at least 30 seconds before use.
    • If you are not satisfied with the way the coating is applied, you can wipe it off before curing and start over. Brushing off an uncured coating will not affect any coating you applied and cured before.
    • While gel nail polish is a great product that is more durable than any regular nail polish, some factors can inhibit it from reaching its full potential. Some cleaning products are known to corrode nail polish, causing it to peel off. Gloves are recommended when using cleaning products or washing dishes.
    • If your nails are damaged or infected, you should seek the advice of a medical professional before using our products. Do not apply gel nail polish to bleeding or open wounds, decks, or nail beds at any time. This can lead to infection, which can cause you to lose a nail completely, and also cause you to be very sick.
    • If you file your nails after the surface layer has been sealed and cured, you are breaking the seal and leaving the nail polish exposed, which may cause peeling or peeling.
    • Pastels and nudes require fewer brushstrokes. Gel nail polish self-level. Be patient with these colors. Apply & then let it sit for a few seconds. This gel nail polish flattens automatically. If you keep using products to patch up any "weak" finishes, you'll create more problems for yourself. Remember, it's best to keep each coat thin and make an extra coat instead of painting your coat very thickly.
    • Do not use gel nail polish outdoors or near windows. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will heal and destroy your product. Even on gloomy days, ultraviolet rays are everywhere. Protect your products by tinting any windows in your salon or using shielded blinds.
    • Gel nail polish should be stored away from windows.
    • Evaluate your desk space at the beginning of your application. Is the curing lamp facing the place where the product is applied?
    • Make sure you check with your lamp supplier on the wavelengths emitted by the lamp.
    ASP nail builder curing gel


    ASP nail builder curing gel is a popular gel nail overlay used to create strong, long-lasting lengths for natural nails. Builder gel is available in an assortment of colors in both hard and soft gel types. The different gel options make designing custom gel manicures possible for beginners and seasoned nail techs.

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