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Dinosaur Bath Bombs-A Nice Hack To Let Your Kids Love Bathing

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    Want to add some fun and excitement to your bathing plan? Check out our dinosaur bath bombs! Inside each bomb is a small dinosaur toy that looks like a dinosaur egg. They are a great gift for any dinosaur lover in your life. Why not ditch the regular shower gel and try something new? Pick up the dinosaur bath bomb today!

    Cool bath bombs! They smell very good, are very natural, and are good for the skin. With zero irritation, they even seem to have a moisturizing effect because they contain essential oils. It was a fun surprise to discover that the eggs hath with an image of a mini dinosaur inside! I'm sure adults and kids alike will love it! Its scent is delicate and works well on the skin, and geeks like me also love dinosaur images. Kids are likely to love these too!

    Therefore, this article is written to introduce dinosaur bath bombs and some health benefits of them. There are also some tips and details about how to use dinosaur bath bombs. Just keep on scrolling!

    dinosaur bath bomb

    What Are Dinosaur Bath Bombs?

    Dinosaur bath bombs are a type of bath bomb Epsomdis made with dinosaur designs. They are usually brightly colored and can be a lot of fun for kids. What these bath bombs do is create a fizzy reaction when they come into contact with water. This creates a bubbly and fun bath experience.

    Bath bombs are made up of two main ingredients - alkali and an acid - that react when they come into contact with each other. The alkali in this recipe is baking soda, and the acid is citric acid. When these two ingredients mix together in water, they create a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide gas. This gas is what makes your dinosaur bath bombs fizz and foam when you drop them in the tub!

    The ingredients that are used in dinosaur bath bombs vary depending on the brand. However, most of them contain baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, epsom salt, and fragrance oil. These ingredients work together to create a fizzy reaction and also provide various benefits such as relaxation, stress relief, and more.

    Dinosaur bath bombs have been around for years but they have only recently become popular. The first dinosaur bath bomb was created in the 1970s and since then, they have been a favorite among kids and adults alike. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in dinosaur bath bombs thanks to social media. Celebrities and influencers have been posting about them and this has helped to increase their popularity.

    Many celebrities and influencers have posted about dinosaur bath bombs on social media. This includes people like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lizzy Greene, and Millie Bobby Brown. Their endorsement has helped to increase the popularity of these products even more.

    The Health Benefits Of Using Dinosaur Bath Bombs

    Bath bombs have become one of the most popular bath products out there, and it'll be a "crime" not to have one. Not only do bath bombs leave you feeling smooth and glowing after a bath, but it also has great benefits that'll enhance your health.

    Due to its healing properties and the joyful experience it gives, more and more people have decided to join the latest trend and opt for bath bombs to pamper and cleanse their skin than spend time in a spa.

    Bath bombs are organic

    Bath bombs are vegan-friendly, unlike other bath products that contain chemical cosmetics, which are strong irritants and may cause skin reactions. It contains softeners that help moisturize your skin and they are a great addition to your bath regime.

    Organic bath bombs are formulated with weak baking soda and different essential oils to suit all skin types. Put it in the bath water and it will hiss, and the hissing sound will give your tired skin a soothing and cleansing feeling.

    Contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids

    Bath bombs are known to repair the skin while giving it a youthful look. Atmospheric bath bombs are known for the sense of luxury they exude. Certain shower gels contain shea butter, which helps produce more collagen and gives your skin a brightly colored and wrinkle-free appearance.

    For healthier skin, you can use a shower gel that contains milk, and although it sounds strange, milk contains a lot of vitamins that can help rejuvenate the skin and make it feel soft.

    Hydrates dry skin

    If you're a fan of shower gel, you'll know that shower gel not only helps you relax but also contains ingredients like emollients to make your skin feel soft to the touch. Take a bomb bath today and see how much you love the feeling of your skin.


    The bath bomb contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. The combination of these two ingredients helps to cleanse and repair the body. It also contains CBD products, which means you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of using CBD through direct contact.

    Once you throw a bath bomb into your bath water, it will hiss and release different odors that help your body deodorize and stay soft.

    Soothes muscle and body aches and pains

    After a long, tiring day, if you soak your tired muscles in a bath infused with calming lavender bath bombs, it will help relieve muscle pain. The scent of lavender is enough to fill your bathroom with a luxurious scent while helping your bones relax. You can also opt for a shower gel infused with peppermint essential oil. After a long night, put it in warm water and relax in the bathtub to let it give off a soothing scent.

    Relieves stress and anxiety and improves overall mood

    Scent can affect a person's mood, so it's best to choose a body wash with a soothing smell, such as lavender-scented shower gel.

    Bathing in warm water early in the morning can help you relax and prepare for the day, but adding a bath bomb to the mixed bath gel will create a great feeling. It is best to choose a shower gel that contains CBD oil as it can release hormones, add radiance to your skin, and even elevate your mood. There are all kinds of good bath bombs on the market, so choose according to your needs.

    Defeat insomnia and improve sleep

    Waking up bleary-eyed is not the best way to start your day. The benefits of bath bombs include creating a comfortable environment that will make your sleeping habits better.

    If you're struggling with insomnia, you can treat yourself to a hot shower with your favorite bath bomb. It's the perfect solution to nourish your skin and keep you calm while improving the quality of your sleep.

    Strengthens blood vessels

    By soaking your body in bath water, you can temporarily dilate your veins, which lowers blood pressure and makes blood flow more easily.

    Create an atmosphere

    To create a fun, natural, and functional atmosphere, you just need to throw a bomb ball into the bathtub. When it is thrown, it creates a hissing sound that transforms your home into a calm environment.

    Why Do Kids Love Playing With Dinosaur Toys?

    One thing has been passed down for centuries: kids love dinosaurs. They beg for dinosaur toys, decorate their rooms with dinosaur posters, and indulge in dinosaur movies. The concept of a "strong interest" or the concept of a subject is most likely the source of this obsession with dinosaurs.

    You may be wondering: Why are most adults not interested, but children love dinosaurs so much? Psychological research has shown that the early obsession with dinosaurs indicates a strong phenomenon of interest.

    It turns out that the deep love of children for our distant and solemn ancestors is scientifically explained and justified.

    Often, parents discover this after their child becomes interested in dinosaurs. According to a 2008 psychological study published in the journal Cognitive Development, children are most likely to develop a "strong interest," usually dinosaurs, without their parents noticing. This usually occurs around the age of four.

    You may notice that your child is very curious about dinosaurs. Some people memorize a lot of facts and information about dinosaurs and spend hours reading books. This is a common trait of children at this stage of development. This is what paleontologists recommend you invest in and encourage.

    Researchers believe that the obsession with dinosaurs stems from children's instinct for curiosity and discovery. Dinosaurs are an easy-to-understand form of science for children. Their young minds can understand that these gigantic creatures once existed, without the need to understand mathematical principles or chemistry. They are just extinct animals.

    Many children try to remember all there is to know about dinosaurs. Developing a passion for learning about a topic helps build valuable skills. Children have questions that parents can't answer. Then they learn how to do the research themselves.

    Some Benefits Of Playing With Dinosaurs 

    Outside of the academic environment, a strong interest in dinosaurs can also benefit children. As Highlights magazine points out, giving kids a chance to play with dinosaurs, especially if they're already interested, usually allows them to practice focusing.

    The need for brain systems thinking pushes children to focus on thinking and learning, and they are currently doing much more than most activities in the day.

    As children get older, they are less likely to have as strong an interest as they do in early childhood. Studies have shown that a child's obsession peaks between the ages of 4 and 6, but then quickly disappears. The researchers suspect that standards-based educational structures and peer pressure, which give children more common interests, may extinguish children's fascination with dinosaurs and other diverse topics.

    Encouraging children to play at home is one way for parents to keep their children interested in dinosaurs. Even after formal schooling has begun, you can encourage children to continue their learning outside of school. Check out our article on dinosaur gifts for kids, where you can get some ways to encourage kids to explore through play.

    Perhaps one benefit of homeschooling in 2020 is that younger children have more time at home imagining games with their dinosaur friends, potentially keeping their interest in dinosaurs a little longer.

    How To Use Dinosaur Bath Bombs

    Dinosaur bath bombs can be used in the same way as other types of bath bombs. Simply fill up your tub with warm water, drop in the bomb, and enjoy the show! Make sure to avoid contact with your eyes and mouth. Also, be careful not to slip on the wet floor when you get out of the tub.

    Who Should Avoid Using Dinosaur Bath Bombs?

    People who should avoid using dinosaur bath bombs include pregnant women, people with sensitive skin, and people with allergies. Pregnant women should avoid any type of bath bomb because it can be dangerous to their health and unborn baby. People with sensitive skin may find that the ingredients in dinosaur bath bombs cause them to have an allergic reaction. And people with allergies should avoid any type of fragrance oil used in these products.

    How To Do Dinosaur Bath Bomb?

    The things you'll need

    To make dinosaur bath bombs, you'll need some basic ingredients, including baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, water, food coloring, and dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters.

    The steps to do dinosaur bath bombs

    The actual process of making the dinosaur bath bombs is very simple. Just follow these steps:

    • In a large bowl, combine 1 cup of citric acid and 2 cups of baking soda. Blend.
    • Add you’re Essential Oils. With Young Living Essential Oils, you only need about 3 drops.
    • Add in 1 teaspoon of olive oil and stir well.
    • Add your food coloring. You only need a few drops since adding too much food coloring will make the bath bombs start to fizz. Note: We separated the batch in half so we could make green and blue eggs but you can make the eggs all one color. Stir well.
    • Now you will want to spray a bit of witch hazel onto the mixture to avoid it from continuing to fizz. It will stop the fizzing enough to fill your mold and allow it to harden. You only need a few quick sprays. Don’t overspray and make the mixture too wet.
    • Tightly pack some of the mixtures into the bottom of a plastic egg
    • Add a toy dinosaur in the middle of the egg where you placed the mixture from step 5.
    • Add more of the mixture around the dinosaur and at the top of the egg.
    • Close the egg. You may have some of the mixtures come out of the sides of the egg and that is okay.
    • Wrap your egg in aluminum foil and allow it to dry overnight.
    • Once your bath bomb has dried overnight, it’s time to gently remove the bomb from the plastic egg. It might take a few minutes to wiggle it out of the egg. You want to be patient since the bath bomb egg can crumble and break.
    • Store in an airtight container for future use.
    • When you are ready to use the bath bombs just drop them right into some water and watch them fizz!

    Variations On The Recipe

    If you want to change up the recipe a bit, here are some variations you can try:

    - Instead of using food coloring, try adding powdered spices or herbs like lavender or chamomile for a soothing scent.

    - Try adding glitter or other fun decorations to your dinosaur bath bombs.

    - Add a scoop of moisturizing lotion to the mixture for softer skin after bathing.

    Tips And Tricks

    Here are a few tips to help you make perfect dinosaur bath bombs every time:

    - Make sure the ingredients are mixed well to avoid any clumping.

    - If the mixture is too wet, add more baking soda; if it's too dry, add more water.

    - Use different colors of food coloring to create fun patterns in your dinosaur bath bombs.

    - If you don't have dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters, feel free to use any other shape (just make sure they're big enough to fit a child's hand).

    How To Store And Use Dinosaur Bath Bombs

    Once your dinosaur bath bombs are dry, store them in an airtight container until you're ready to use them. To use, simply drop one (or two!) into a tub of warm water and enjoy the fizzy show! When you're done, just drain the tub and rinse off as usual.

    And there you have it - everything you need to know about dinosaur bath bombs! We hope you enjoy making (and using) them as much as we do. Happy bathing!

    FAQs Of Dinosaur Bath Bombs

    Q: Can I add essential oils to my dinosaur bath bombs?

    A: Yes, you can add essential oils if you want a more fragrant experience. Just make sure to mix them in well with the other ingredients.

    Q: How long do dinosaur bath bombs last?

    A: Dinosaur bath bombs will usually last around 2 weeks if stored in an airtight container.

    dinosaur bath bomb


    Turn bath time into a fun and educational experience: put dinosaur bath bombs into the tub and watch their color explode while dropping the dinosaur model into the water!

    Turn the bathtub into a bubbly dinosaur world that fosters a love of science and paleontology in a fun and exciting way. Science projects don't often be fun and engaging, but dinosaur bath bombs make it happen!

    Dinosaur bath bombs are perfect for individual play or group activities. Just have a try, and you will fall in love with it.

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