Gel Polish Or Nail Polish?

Gel Polish Or Nail Polish?

Gel Polish Or Nail Polish

Due to the rapid development of the manicure industry, most people are very confused about the commonly used nail polish and the prevailing gel polish, and they almost don't know the difference between the two. Let us see the differences between gel polish and nail polish!

First, differ from the composition.

The main components of nail polish are 70%-80% volatile solvent, about 15% nitrocellulose, a small amount of oily solvent, camphor, titanium dioxide, and oil-soluble pigment. While gel polish is usually a poly nail, its main components are natural resin and some color materials.

Second, pros and cons.

Advantages of gel polish

  1. No Flavor

The main ingredients are natural resin and some color materials, so there is almost no flavor. Reduce the harm to the human body.

  1. Maintain a Longer Time

Armor glue needs to be coated with a layer of ultraviolet light and another hardening can be coated with a layer. As a result, the hardness and glossiness of nail polish are much better than normal nail polish, and it will last longer, up to 28 days, while varnish can only last up to seven days.

  1. Dry Fast

Nail polish usually takes about 10 minutes to dry, but the gel polish lamp only takes a minute to dry, saving a lot of time. However, compared with nail polish, gel polish is healthier and more durable, and the damage is much less. A lot of patterns can be done above after armor glue is solidified, such as various blooming gel polishes.

Disadvantages of nail polish 

1. It smells awful.

It contains chemical solvents that will make people feel uncomfortable when they evaporate, and long-term inhalation will more or less affect human health.

2. Long-term use will cause damage to nails.

Nail polish as a result of osmotic strong reason, the people who are relatively fragile to fingernail may cause a few bad consequences.

3. Maintenance time is too short and easy to fall.

Since nail polish usually stays on the nail for only five or six days, frequent manicures, which increase the number of repeated manicures, also increase the accumulation of nail damage. The pattern is relatively simple, mostly nude gel nail polish.

All in all, gel polish and nail polish in the composition, the impact on human health, and the practice are very different. You can choose according to your own preferences and will, and finally make beautiful, shiny nails.


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