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Gingerbread Nails-A Cutest Nail Art For Holiday Manicure

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    October has passed, and the winter holiday nail art is in full swing. Speaking of seasonal trends, gingerbread nails are proving to be a social media favorite. From the classic gingerbread nails to Shrek's cute Gingi, nail art on Instagram kicks off the Christmas season on sweet notes.

    The design of nail art is getting more and more interesting and smaller. You must have heard the story of a gingerbread villain who didn't want to be eaten and ran away. So how about you give it a temporary home? If you're wondering where it will be, here is one of the hippest ideas: recreate a gingerbread man on your nails! Food is always on the back of your mind, so why not choose to do gingerbread nail art when you're short on ingredients?

    Christmas is just around the corner and is the season to appreciate all the good things like Christmas decorations, gifts, and nice clothes, which means getting into the Christmas spirit. Holiday manicures are the perfect way to get into your mental state and help elevate your outfit. There are many great ideas, such as dark green and dark red nail polish, red tartan, and snowflakes are all popular styles at this time of year. But there are also a lot of unexpected winter manicures that you can draw easily.

    Therefore, this article is to explore what are gingerbread nails and how to do gingerbread nails. There are also some creative designs with them. Just keep on reading.

    The Story of A Gingerbread Man

    Once upon a time, an old woman in the city lived with her husband in a very old house, both of them loved each other very much and used to distribute all their work together. One day an old woman made gingerbread in the shape of a man. When she cooked bread in the oven, the gingerbread in the shape of a man jumped out of the tray and ran towards the window. He jumped out of the window and shouted,” I am a gingerbread man, Do not eat me. ”The old couple tried to chase him but he ran so fast that they could not catch him.

    A pig saw him running. The pig said,” Stop, I would like to eat your gingerbread.” The bread man ran faster and said to the pig,” I am gingerbread man, you can not catch me.” A crow saw him. The crow said,” Stop, I would like to eat your bread.” The bread man ran faster and said to the crow,” I am gingerbread man, you can not catch me.” Then a horse ran behind him to catch him. Now they all were chasing the gingerbread man.

    He came near the side of a river. He feared that if he entered the water, he would become soggy. A clever fox pretended to be nice and showed him that he wanted to help him in crossing the river. The ginger man bread believed him. As soon as he reached near to the fox, he tossed him up and ate him.

    gingerbread nails

    How to Get Gingerbread Nails?

    Which shade of brown you want to use is up to you. The color should be dark brown and medium brown.


    Start your gingerbread man manicure art with a primer.

    A neutral chocolate brown nail color is used here. Paint all your nails the brown nail color of your choice. (2 floors)

    After drying, use the stippling tool to draw three dots in the center of each fingernail (inspired by buttons), except for the ring nails, with red nail color.

    Now, paint a small bow tie with the appropriate green nail color at the beginning of each fingernail to leave the ring fingernail intact.

    Draw two dots and a smile on the ring finger with white nail color (like the two eyes and smile of a gingerbread man).

    Draw a white background with white nail color so that it looks like the face and upper body of a gingerbread man. (Ref)

    If you want your gingerbread man nail art to last longer, don't apply a layer of nail polish at the end.

    You can have extra creativity while doing this art of nail art, you can try to make a whole cute little gingerbread man on your ring finger. Feel free to experiment!

    Ways to Get Gingerbread Nails

    If you are interested in nail art and want to recreate these looks at home, you first need a set of nail art. I say nail art set because if you're just a beginner, you may need different tools like brushes, foil, rhinestones, etc. If you ask me, I think the easiest option is a nail kit. If you're an intermediate or professional, then I wouldn't recommend you use these combinations, but – you probably already know.

    Another trick is to use nail decals. They are so easy to apply and you can choose from a thousand different styles, and mix and match them. With nail decals, you always have full freedom. Just play with them however you want to. Create different looks and how fun.

    Finally, you can opt for press-on nails. They are also easy to apply and remove, and they won't damage your natural nails. The only downside may be ease of use and practicality, but if you prefer the short version, I'm sure you won't have any problems.

    gingerbread nails

    Some Designs with Gingerbread Nails

    Beautiful Christmas nail designs add that special touch to any holiday season. Look below for some amazing Christmas manicure ideas and designs to brighten up your season.

    The festive decorations have been set up and the Christmas music has been played. The next thing to do is to add to the festive spirit with beautiful Christmas nails. These Christmas nail designs will brighten up any mood and add a special touch.

    Whether you have your favorite talented nail art expert to help you design, or you will finish your beautiful holiday nails yourself, you will love the inspiration of these nail art pictures.

    Gingerbread Stamps

    If you don't have good drawing skills and don't know how to draw a cute gingerbread man with nail polish, don't worry, buy a stamper with a gingerbread man, and you can easily get a gingerbread man.

    Cotton Candy Gingerbread

    Maybe at some point, you think the big cotton candy matches the cold winter, so why not try it on your manicure, the combination of cotton candy and gingerbread man gives a warm and elegant feel.

    Festive Gingerbread

    Festive Gingerbread is unlike anything before it, this one not only contains a gingerbread man but also brings other festive elements, such as the cute snowman, and the Christmas elk.

    gingerbread nails

    Gingerbread House

    As the name suggests, gingerbread and house, building a warm home for gingerbread people on your nails is also a nice idea, hurry up and try it.

    Mickey Gingerbreads

    Love Mickey Mouse? But you want the gingerbread man element, this nail art just has Mickey and gingerbread, and many cute elements just match the cute you.

    Shimmery Gingerbread Nails

    How to catch someone's eye quickly? That's right, sparkling manicures. Adding glitter to the gingerbread man element is shiny and cute.

    Blue Gingerbread Nails

    If you're tired of watching brown gingerbread people, it's okay, this time we use blue as the background color to create a gingerbread man playing in the ice and snow world, cute and creative.

    Delicious Gingerbreads

    Eating ice cream in winter feels great, and these delicious gingerbread man nails will make you feel the ice cream melt at your fingertips and you can't help but want to eat it.

    Sugary Gingerbread

    The collision of pink and brown is not obtrusive at all, it is a good match, if you are a pink fanatic try this one.

    Acrylic Gingerbread

    Imagine long nails added to the gingerbread man, do you feel that your nails appear more slender and slender?

    Chocolate Brown Gingerbread

    OMG, chocolate meets gingerbread man, gentle and low-key, but very good-looking.

    Cute Gingerbread Nails

    This one is very simple, except for the gingerbread man element, it is a simple nail polish, but it can't resist its cuteness.

    Snowflakes and Gingerbread

    Winter is approaching, and it's the snowy season again. Paint snowflakes on your nails, white and flawless.

    Red, Green, and Gingerbread

    Speaking of Christmas, what colors come to mind? Red and green right? This manicure combines Christmas and gingerbread man to create romantic nail art.

    Pointed Gingerbread Nails

    Want pointy nails, but don't want to miss out on the popular gingerbread man element? pointed gingerbread nails just right for your troubles.

    Candy Cane and Gingerbread

    Red candy cane and brown gingerbread man create a Christmas atmosphere for your nails.

    Almond Gingerbread Nails

    Almond-shaped nails and gingerbread men are combined and cute nail art is born.

    Gingerbread Wonderland

    Gingerbread Wonderland has created a happy place for gingerbread people that looks good and fits the festive atmosphere of Christmas.

    Gingerbread Friends

    A gingerbread man will make your nails look empty, so draw a few more gingerbread people and let the lonely gingerbread man have the company of friends.

    Gingerbread French Tips

    It is also a good choice to combine a French manicure with a gingerbread man, simple and elegant, and makes your nails shine.

    Fiery Gingerbreads

    Winter is too cold, let the blazing flames warm you. And the cute gingerbread man is cool and cute.

    Gingerbread Cookies

    This manicure is also a combination of food, combining gingerbread people with cookies, which is very creative.

    Gingerbread with Frosting

    As a dessert lover, how can you be short of frosting? You must know that icing sugar and gingerbread men also go well together. The two of them combine to become "food" on the nails. Sometimes you can't satisfy your taste, but you can satisfy your eyes.

    Little Gingerbreads

    How do you fit multiple gingerbread people on a small nail? By the way, draw the gingerbread man a little smaller so that you can draw more than one.

    Gingerbread Girls

    Tired of looking at gingerbread men, and want to make a cute girl's manicure. Then add two braids to create unique "gingerbread girls" that are on-trend and have their personalities. Simply the best of both worlds.

    gingerbread nails

    Nude Gingerbread Nails

    Do you prefer simple designs to tedious nail art? Nude gingerbread nails are good. With the simple undertone, coupled with a cute gingerbread man, simple and elegant nail art was born.

    Gel Gingerbread Nails

    If you want to make beautiful gingerbread nails, but don't want to hurt your nails too much, try Gel Gingerbread Nails. Gel nails cause less damage to your nails than acrylic nails.

    Winter Gingerbreads

    Want a nail that echoes the snow in winter? Winter Gingerbreads has just what you need. There are both cute gingerbread people and white snowflakes, giving you a snowy Christmas atmosphere.

    There are so many designs with gingerbread nails. These Christmas nail designs can make you wow your colleagues at an office party or your family at a dinner party – but if you want to spend hours doing nails just to watch them while sipping hot cocoa for yourself, there's no need to judge. So just follow your like and choose one.


    Bye-Bye Halloween and Hello holiday season! While we are leaving the spooky season behind, it’s time for a Christmas manicure. Haven’t you decided on yours yet? No worries, here I am to the rescue. Today in this article I have rounded up 30+ gingerbread nails for your Christmas mani.

    And When it comes to holiday manicures, the nail art that everyone does has not changed much over the years. There's always a Christmas tree, snowflakes, stormtroopers (sometimes), and the occasional Santa, but the most popular nail art right now is yet to mention the gingerbread man! He is the only Christmas character who has a limited timeline before he dies or is devoured. It's really sad, but every time I think of Gingerbread Man ever since Shrek, I hear screams "Don't want my gummy buttons!"

    So why not use this pin as inspiration and continue your path to happiness by hand-painting these little ones?

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