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Green Sparkle Nail Polish- A Super Eye-Catching And Alluring Nail Polish


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    So you want to try something new for your next manicure, but you're running out of ideas. Well, look no further for a trendy shade to shake things up. Now is the time to go the route of green sparkle nail polish.

    Sure, green sparkle nail polish isn't the first color that comes to mind when picking the best nail polish color, but if you want to add a pop of color look, it's actually a great (and versatile!) nail color. Besides being appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, an alluring shade of green is great any time of the year if you want to try something new on your nails.

    Green sparkle nail polish can be super eye-catching. If you're looking for a way to elevate a basic manicure, green shades are also great nail art accents!

    green sparkle nail polish

    Green Sparkle Nail Polish

    Wearing green nails gives you a unique look. Green is often associated with earthiness, adventure, and power. Those who enjoy green nails are unlikely to avoid risky choices. While this might seem like it has some disadvantages, it also leads to new discoveries and sets a person up for certain levels of success in life.

    Steps To Apply Green Sparkle Nail Polish

    Step 1 - Prepare Your Nails

    Use the green sparkle nail polish remover to remove the polish from your nails.

    Step 2 - Base Coat

    Apply a thin layer of Green Sparkle Base Coat. You don't need a lot. Then run a brush over the edge of the nail to cover the edge.

    This step is very important. It stops the nail polish from coming off and helps the color adhere.

    Once you have applied the base coat, cure it for 1 minute under a green sparkle professional light.

    Step 3 - Color

    Now you can use 2 or 3 brushes to apply your favorite color of green sparkle nail polish. Start in the middle and then apply to each side of the nail.

    Again, it is important to use as little product as possible. Cover the free edge and then cure under the Green Flash Pro light for 1 minute.

    Repeat this step so you get two thin coats of color.

    Tips To Apply Green Sparkle Nail Polish

    Nail trends come and go, but sparkle nails are forever.

    For starters, sparkle is an easy fix to cover up fallen nail polish and in most cases, it lasts longer than other solid colors. Best of all, it's a festive, understated beauty look that you can sport any time, any place.

    However, if you want your nails to sparkle like Demi Lovato, the key is to apply the right amount to each nail, (aka where there are no spots). If you've tried green sparkle nail polish before, it usually takes a few coats to avoid those no-frills areas, but, after four coats, it takes a long time to dry. If you want it to look as good as it does in the bottle, then, yes, there is a right way to make it look cooler.

    This green sparkle nail polish is very easy to deteriorate and unpredictable. You either apply it too thinly with just one coat or too thickly - which makes it look uneven and too thick. When it's too sticky, it runs and looks messy ...... But green sparkle nail polish doesn't have to be a disaster.

    With green sparkle nail polish or not, you always want to start with a clear base. It keeps the nail polish in place (it does for paint what setting powder does for foundation) and keeps your nails from turning yellow. To ensure a clean cuticle, you can use liquid latex to coat the cuticle skin, but PVA gel works just as well. The real magic happens when you swap out the polishing brush for an angled makeup sponge. Simply dab a generous amount of sparkle on the edge of the sponge and pat it firmly onto each nail. Repeat until you get an even, opaque color.

    Seal with a top coat, peel off the cuticle glue, and you're ready to party.

    Steps To Remove Green Sparkle Nail Polish

    Prep Steps:

    1) Polish your nails to a shiny finish. If you're wearing regular nail polish, you'll want to buff it to a matte finish so that your nails are more porous, allowing the polish to adhere better and last longer, but green sparkle nail polish is different. green sparkle nail polish is made with a glue-like formula that seals the sparkle in the nail polish so it doesn't flake off as you apply it, which is why it's so hard to remove. A high gloss polish makes the sparkle harder to adhere to and therefore easier to remove.

    2) Don't fight the polish. Instead of using acetone-soaked pads to remove cuticle oil before applying green sparkle nail polish, simply wipe with a paper towel. A little bit of oily residue will keep the sparkle from bonding too firmly and protect the nail bed.

    3) Swap out your regular base coat with glue. Applying glue to your nails sounds intimidating, but if you remember Elmer's glue from arts and crafts class, you know how easy it is to peel off. If you mix it with a little water and brush it on before applying green sparkle nail polish, it will make the removal process painless. However, this trick works best if you want to change your nails every few days, as frequent showers and hand washing will quickly destroy the glue.

    4) Apply two coats of primer. This will make removal slightly easier as it creates space between the bare nail and the polish. It works best if done in conjunction with buffing and oiling.

    Removal Steps

    1) Polish to break the seal. Too much buffing can damage nails, but you'll want to get the first layer off and rough up the sparkle a bit.

    2) Treat the green sparkle nail polish as a gel. You can break off a small piece from a cotton ball or thin, felt-like material, soak it in nail polish remover, and place it directly on your nails. If you're in a hurry, you can wrap your finger in tinfoil and do it in the sun, or place the tinfoil-wrapped nail on the palm of your hand, as the heat will speed up the process. After three to five minutes, pull the cotton ball off the nail and the sparkle should be mostly gone.

    3) Hydrate and repair. If your nails are feeling more sensitive than usual, apply an intensive treatment layer and apply a cream or oil to the cuticle.

    Some Ideas For Green Sparkle Nail Polish

    Green And White Nails

    Topping our list of the best green nail designs is this playful combination that brings together green, white, and nude nail polish to create a swirl of colors and shades.

    This look is perfect for a spring picnic or any other outdoor activity. It's really easy to recreate because you need three different green, white and nude nail polishes and some freehand painting skills.

    The basics are simple and you are free to design the swirl in any way you see fit. While you're free to explore shades of green, we recommend sticking to darker shades to contrast with the white and nude nail polishes.

    French Manicure - Light Green Nail Design

    This idea is another green French manicure that uses lime green; since these are long nails, the French tips are thicker.

    Lime green sparkle nail polish is usually an eye-catching color, so it is a perfect shade if you want to make a statement. In addition, French manicures are versatile, which means you can adapt them to any color or style.

    It's not too complicated, but it does require a little precision and skill. We love this particular French manicure because of its uniqueness and the fact that it's perfect for showing off your fun side at summer events.

    Mint Green Nail Design

    If you have a penchant for precious green gemstones but think emeralds are too mainstream, you can try a marble green manicure reminiscent of jade.

    However, creating mint green nails with marbling takes a lot of practice. So we suggest you play around with a nail polish brush until you've mastered it. Once you have mastered the intricate and random marbling, your nails will look like jewels.

    Turtle Shell - Emerald Green Nail Design

    This emerald green sparkle nail polish design is amazing and will drive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans crazy.

    You'll need two different shades of green sparkle nail polish. But if you want the turtle shell pattern to be easily recognizable, stick to two contrasting shades like dark green and lime or mint green.

    As for the pattern, we recommend practicing brush strokes on a piece of paper or the back of your hand before touching your nails. The key is to make the dark green strokes look almost like they are touching each other.

    Once you get these emerald green nails right, you'll amaze your friends with this incredibly intricate and detailed manicure that looks like something straight out of a cartoon.

    Marbled Green Nail Ideas

    As with Jade Green Nails, this design is not suitable if you don't have any experience with marbling. It is even more challenging than the previous design because it is necessary to limit the marbling to the tip of the nail.

    However, the dark green sparkle nail polish looks amazing and will attract everyone's attention. Therefore, make sure you are confident with your nail polishing skills before trying this design.

    Also, if you wear any jewelry with marble green stones, they will not only match your nails but will make everyone envious.

    Lime Green Nail Design With Daisies

    Go all out and try a green manicure that looks like the epitome of spring, just like this daisy-based manicure.

    It uses lime green sparkle nail polish as the base color, while the daisies are white and yellow. However, if your free-hand nail polish skills aren't that good, adding nail stickers is no problem.

    You can also mix French manicures with a lime green full nail. The fresh color of this simple and charming design goes well with any spring or summer outfit, especially if the vibe is youthful and playful.

    Rare And Precious Gems - Green Nail Designs

    It seems that making your nails look like rare gemstones is something that everyone is trying to do. Green nail designs do nothing but reinforce this idea.

    Like some of our other pieces, this idea relies on the use of marbling. But it adds a nice twist because it uses brown and gold-stained shades of green.

    This will make your manicure look like a beautiful ancient Chinese vase. Keep in mind that even though these patterns look random, they require a certain degree of precision. So don't get discouraged if you can't get them right the first time.

    Green French Tip Nails

    If you don't like to stand out too much, a different direction is to try a French manicure. Instead of white, you use a green shade and clear nail polish for the final touch.

    This is probably one of the easiest nail art ideas on our list.

    We love this manicure because it's great for formal events, or even just a day at work when you want to blend in but still show off your personality.

    While you can use any green sparkle nail polish for this look, we recommend sticking with a lighter shade to keep the French tips still visible. Also, light green sparkle nail polish is always the best choice for spring and summer.

    Olive Green Nail Designs

    Not everyone is into nail art, as many people prefer a simple single solid color. And olive green sparkle nail polish is always a classy choice.

    Do not add stickers, gradient colors, or any other type of pattern, because matte olive green nails stand alone.

    Emerald Green Coffin Nails

    The next piece is about emerald green acrylic resin nails with a golden glow.

    Since the whole idea is to be as gorgeous as possible, we suggest using the most vibrant shade of green you can find. It will look great with an all-green outfit.

    green sparkle nail polish


    Nail trends come and go, but sparkle nails are forever.

    For starters, green sparkle nail polish is an easy fix to cover up fallen nail polish and in most cases, it lasts longer than other solid colors. Best of all, it's a festive, understated beauty look that you can sport any time, any place.

    Green sparkle nail polish can be subtly elegant or eye-catching and vibrant, depending on the shade and style.

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