Guide To Choosing The Best Gelly Nails For Your Project

Gelly nails polish (also known as "gel polish") is a long-lasting variety of nail polish made up of a type of methacrylate polymer. It is painted on the nails like regular nail polish but does not dry. Instead it is cured under an ultraviolet or LED lamp. This article will guide you and teach you all you need to know about gelly nails

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    Introduction To Gelly Nails

    Gelly nails are a form of manicure that has been around since the 1980s. They were first created by artists in salons and spas to give clients longer-lasting, more durable nail enhancements. Today, gel nails have become increasingly popular with many people opting for these long-lasting and low-maintenance nail services.

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    Ingredient In Gelly Nails

    1. Ethyl Methacrylate

    This is a monomer used to form gel nail polish.

    2. Styrene Acrylates Copolymers

    This helps to improve the adhesion and flexibility of the gel nail polish.

    3. Polyethylene Glycols (PEG)

    PEGs are used to reduce the viscosity of the gelly nails polish.

    4. Methacrylic Acid

    Methacrylic acid is used to improve flexibility and adhesion.

    5. Dimethyltolylamide (DMT)

    This helps with curing and prevents brittleness in nail polishes.

    6. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

    This is a monomer and helps to give the gel nail polish its glossy finish.

    7. Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate (TMPTA)

    This provides adhesion and flexibility to the finished product.

    8. Methyl-acrylates

    Methylacrylates are used to help the gel nail polishes set more quickly and provide added strength.

    9. Glycerin

    Glycerin is a humectant that helps keep the nails moisturized and prevents them from becoming brittle or dry.

    10. Ethoxydiglycol (EDG)

    This is a solvent that helps to break down the gel nail polishes so they can be removed easily.

    11. Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl alcohol is used to remove sticky residues from the nails and prevent bacteria from forming.

    12. Titanium Dioxide

    This is a white pigment used to give the gel nails their opaque colour.

    13. Iron Oxide

    Iron oxide is used for the “french manicure” and to provide other colours in the nail polish range.

    14. Ferric Ferrocyanide (Prussian Blue)

    This is a blue pigment used to make the gel nails look more natural.

    15. Fluorescent Dyes

    Fluorescent dyes are used to give the gel nails their glimmering effect.

    Are These Ingredients Safe For Pregnant Women?

    The ingredients used in gelly nails polishes are generally considered safe for pregnant women. However, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid exposure to UV light from the lamps used to cure the gels as this can be damaging to both the mother and baby.

    Additionally, some of the ingredients such as ethyl methacrylate and diethyltoluamide may be toxic when inhaled, so it is best to use these products with proper ventilation. Pregnant women should also wear gloves while using gel nail polish and avoid breathing in any fumes from the product. As with any beauty treatment, consult your doctor before trying out a new product or procedure.

    Gelly Nails: Application Guide

    1. Start by cleaning your nails with a nail brush and some warm, soapy water to remove any dirt or oils.

    2. Apply a thin layer of base coat to each nail, starting from the cuticle and working towards the tip of the nail in even strokes. Allow this to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

    3. Apply the gel polish color of your choice in even, thin strokes, starting from the cuticle and working toward the tip of the nail. Allow this to dry completely before applying a second coat if needed.

    4. When the color coat has dried completely, apply a layer of topcoat for extra shine and protection. Allow this to dry for a few minutes before placing your nails under the UV or LED lamp.

    5. Place your hands in the UV or LED lamp and allow them to dry for 23 minutes, depending on the type of lamp you are using.

    6. Remove any excess gel polish with a nail brush and some acetone.

    7. Apply some cuticle oil around the nails, and then buff them lightly with a soft buffer to remove any remaining film from the gel polish.

    8. Wipe your nails down with a lint-free wipe soaked in alcohol to remove any excess oils.

    9. Apply a topcoat if desired, and allow your gelly nails to dry completely before adding any jewelry or decorations.

    These steps will help you achieve perfect gel nails every time! With proper maintenance and care, your gel nails can last up to three weeks without chipping or fading. Gel nails are a great way to add a bit of glam to any look, so go ahead and treat yourself!

    How To Maintain Your Gelly Nails?

    1. Avoid getting your nails wet or soaking them in water immediately after a manicure.

    2. Shield your nails from harsh chemicals and cleaning products by wearing gloves while doing household chores.

    3. Limit the amount of time spent under UV or LED lamps, as this can cause damage to the gelly nails over time.

    4. Always apply a base coat before applying gel polish so the polish adheres properly and does not stain your nails.

    5. Apply a layer of topcoat after each coat of color to protect the gel polish and keep it looking shiny.

    6. Be gentle when filing or buffing your nails, as being too aggressive can cause damage to the gel polish.

    7. Avoid using nail polish removers or acetone on your nails, as this can weaken the bond between the gel polish and the nail.

    8. Use cuticle oil regularly to keep your nails healthy and moisturized.

    9. Take breaks from wearing gel nails from time to time to allow your natural nails to breathe.

    10. Have regular manicures and touchups every 23 weeks to keep your nails looking their best.

    Following these steps will help you maintain the perfect gelly nails for a longer period of time! Get ready to show off your beautiful manicure, and enjoy all of the compliments you will receive!

    Best Gelly Brand Gelly Nails Today

    Best Gelly Brand Gelly Nails Today

    1. CND Shellac

    This brand offers a variety of long-lasting gel polishes that are quick and easy to apply.

    2. OPI GelColor

    OPI has been around since 1981, and its gel polish range is perfect for any occasion.

    3. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

    This affordable range is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and it lasts up to two weeks.

    4. Essie Gel Couture

    These polishes are quick-drying, chip-resistant, and offer an impressive range of high-shine colors.

    5. Orly GelFX

    This brand offers a wide selection of colors and finishes, as well as a professional LED lamp.

    6. LeChat Perfect Match

    This brand offers a wide range of gel polishes in classic shades, with an easy to use brush for precise application.

    7. IBD Just Gel Polish

    This range is available in an impressive selection of colors, and the gel polishes last up to 3 weeks.

    8. NCLA Gelous Color

    This line of vegan-friendly products is free from harmful chemicals and parabens, and it's available in a range of gorgeous colors.

    9. Kiara Sky Dip System

    This system is fast and easy to use, and the dip powder provides a strong, longlasting finish.

    10. Red Carpet Manicure

    This range of gelly nails polishes is available in an array of colors and finishes, as well as a LED lamp for easy application.

    These are some of the best gelly brands to choose from when you want perfect nails every time! With so many options available, you’re sure to find the right one for you. So go ahead and treat yourself to a professional manicure with any of these amazing gelly brands today!

    A well-done gel poliah is an essential part of anyone's beauty routine. It can last you weeks, looks good and keeps your nails strong. With the right product and proper care, you can have flawless gelly nails every time! So go ahead, choose one of these top 10 gelly brands and get ready to show off your beautiful manicure.

    Guide To Choosing The Right Gel Nails For Your Project

    1. Consider the type of gel

    There are different types of gel available, such as acrylic, shellac, and hard gels. Choose the one that best suits your project’s purpose and its aesthetic goals.

    2. Check the ingredients

    Make sure to read the list of ingredients in the product you are considering to ensure that there are no toxic chemicals or irritants.

    3. Look for a durable finish

    Make sure to choose a gel polish that will last, so your nails will look perfect even after weeks of wear and tear.

    4. Consider the colors available

    Select colors based on what you want and need for specific occasions, or just to match your outfit.

    5. Consider the price

    Gel polishes can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Choose one that’s within your budget but still has all the features you need.

    6. Read reviews

    Check online user reviews to see if a particular product is worth trying out or not.

    7. Consider the company

    Look for a reputable brand and read up on their customer service policies in case you have any questions or problems with your purchase.

    8. Check compatibility

    Be sure to check if the polish is compatible with your current manicure routine so you can switch back and forth as needed.

    9. Test a sample

    If possible, try out a sample of the gel polish to make sure it’s the right one for your nails.

    10. Consider the application

    Choose a product that is easy to apply, such as those with brush-on applicators or ones that can be applied without a lamp.

    Following these ten tips can help you find the perfect gelly nails for your project. With the right product, you can have beautiful and long-lasting gels that will keep your manicure looking its best! So go ahead and make sure to choose wisely when shopping for gel polishes.


    The era of gelly nails is here and it's a great way to keep your nails looking perfect for weeks at a time. With so many brands, colours and finishes available, you can find the right one for any occasion. Whether you're looking for something subtle or some eye-catching bling, there is sure to be something that fits your needs. To make sure you choose the right gel nails for your project, consider the type of gel, ingredients, durability, colours, price and application method before making a decision. With these tips in mind, you can have perfect gelly nails every time! So go ahead and start shopping now to find the perfect product for you.

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