How To Pick An Essential Oil Gift Set For My Girlfriend?

How To Pick An Essential Oil Gift Set For My Girlfriend?

Picking a gift is a very traumatic thing, how to pick a gift that displays you care about your girlfriend? One set of essential oils solves all, choose the right oil to solve the problem. So how do you pick an essential oil? You can pick according to the small details in life to make it more appear that you are dedicated to her.

  • If your girlfriend is prone to mosquito bites, she needs mosquito repellent oils. To repel mosquitoes, try Citronella oil. Apply it directly to the hem of a garment or shoelace without touching her skin.

  • If your girlfriend is prone to menstrual cramps during her period, use Geranium essential oil and milk to bubble her feet, and soak her feet for 20 or 30 minutes a day to sweat slightly, and it will be significantly improved in two or three months. Because geranium is to promote circulation, small molecules penetrate the blood, participate in blood circulation, pain relief, so you are no longer a "doormat".
  • If your girlfriend is having trouble sleeping, pick Frankincense, Lavender and happy Sage. The three differences are quite obvious. If it is a deep sleep time is not enough, choose Frankincense essential oil, drop one or two drops of pure essential oil first hand rub and smell and then smear the sole of the feet. If you're feeling tense, use happy sage, it's extremely relaxing. If you can't sleep, use lavender, it's the same usage. If you don't like the smell of lavender, switch to two other essential oils. Anything she can get used to, anything she can feel at ease with, will help her relax and sleep.

  • If your girlfriend always feels drowsy, you can choose Peppermint essential oil for her, which can be scented to feel the stimulation, especially awake. Also can match rosemary essential oil, can improve work and study efficiency. Rosemary can help with hair loss, and when used with carrot seed oil, it can help grow little hairs along the hairline. By the way, girls who stay up late will love it!

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