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Matte Gel Nails-A Perfect Nail Art To Elevate Your Look

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    There’s nothing like the look of a freshly painted, shiny manicure. It always makes you feel a little fancier and lets the world know you have your shit together. But sometimes you want something a little different, something a little less…polished. Enter the matte manicure. Matte gel nails are unexpected, a little edgy, yet still chic enough to wear to work. Plus, a matte topcoat basically doubles your nail polish collection, as the muted finish gives your nails a totally different look.

    Matte nails are all the rage. This way of painting your PAWS a flat, dull color is becoming a growing trend and taking social media by surprise, thanks to the many showbiz celebrities who have chosen the style. Why is that? Well, this style means the focus is on color, not gloss. In a world dominated by glassy, shimmery varnishes, matte nails give a cooler, edgier look.

    This trend is perfect for winter because it works well with darker tones and dark, rich colors. Best of all, you only need a matte finish to change any polish you already have.

    Therefore, this article is written to explain what is matte gel nails and its difference from glossy nails. I will also introduce some good designs with matte gel nails.


    An Introduction To Matte Gel Nails

    Matte gel nails have become very popular. They look very elegant and are a great match for any season, time of day, and outfit. Matte manicures are ideal with any type of manicure, decoration, foil, rhinestones, etc. Matte gel nails are definitely as easy to make as regular gel manicures.

    Matte gel nails look chic, unusual, and feminine at the same time. One of its undeniable advantages is that this type of nail artwork has the strictest dress code even when it comes to choosing the brightest colors. The secret is that the effect diminishes the brightness slightly without affecting the shadow itself. Matte gel nails have been particularly popular in the last year and are a great choice for elegant and confident women. If you prefer a more independent look, opt for beige, wine, or black. Those who prefer bright colors can choose mint, pink and red. You can combine the nail design with a shiny element, some glitter, or trinkets.

    However, you have to realize that matte nails have less drag than their glossy counterpart. When you choose that type of manicure, it is not recommended to use a base. Matte polish has a sticky texture that creates a fairly thick layer on your nail, and you don't want to add extra thickness.

    Keep in mind that this polish dries more slowly than smooth polish and will take at least 20 minutes to dry completely. Another consideration you need to keep in mind is that scrub varnishes and oil products interact in a very similar way to oil and water, when you want to have a beautiful manicure, avoid lotions and creams cuticle with oil, and as an extra precaution, use nail polish remover to remove grease from the deck before applying nail polish. Finally, don't forget that most nail chippings form at the tip of the nail. Paint along the deck, but be sure to seal the nail tips.

    Matte Gel Nails VS Glossy Gel Nails

    Whether you consider yourself a "girly girl" or a serious woman, most women will agree that it feels good to have your nails professionally cared for. After a manicure, you will feel neat and beautiful. There are many options for getting your nails done today. But when you sit in the manicurist's chair and she places your hand on hers, one of the first questions she's most likely to ask is whether you want matte nails or glossy nails. At first glance, it seems to be a matter of personal preference. It is also a garment that is guided by current fashion standards.

    For those looking for the latest fashions and celebrity trends, matte gel nails add a modern, chic feel to nails. This trend applies to both light and dark nail colors. However, most women seem to prefer darker matte gel nails. Some women say matte gel nails last longer. This seems especially true if they type a lot or use computers at work. Since matte gel nails are a big trend for the upcoming fall season, there are many new matte gel polishes hitting the market.

    Despite the popularity of matte gel nails, there are also some women preferring shiny polish. The range of colors available is limited to your imagination. If your preference is in the medium range, meaning nails that aren't too smooth and don't appear damp or completely flat with a matte finish, professional manicurists can offer you a variety of creative options. For your summer season, try some pearl-colored nail polish. These will make your nails sparkle in the sun.

    You may also want to consider embellishing your nails with designs. This trend in nail design is popular with all ages. Despite the popularity of matte gel nails, many women prefer shiny polish. The range of colors available is limited to your imagination. If your preference is in the medium range, meaning nails that aren't too smooth and don't appear damp or completely flat with a matte finish, professional manicurists can offer you a variety of creative options.

    For your summer season, try some pearl-colored nail polish. These will make your nails sparkle in the sun. You may also want to consider embellishing your nails with designs. This trend in nail design is popular with all ages.

    matte gel nails

    4 Ways To Turn Regular Gel Nail Polish Into Matte Gel Nail Polish

    Try mixing the polish with baby powder. 

    Beauty enthusiasts all over the web swear that the powder is capable of removing shine from the final look of any once-shiny polish. Cornstarch is best, but you can also use baby powder, fine flour, or baking powder. It is better to mix it in small amounts in a separate container than in a whole bottle of polish. See below to learn how to bring recipes to life.


    Small nail polish bowl

    Powder of choice

    Polish of choice



    Add a small amount of baking powder, cornstarch, or finely ground flour to a small nail polish bowl and use a toothpick to mix a few drops of nail polish inside. After mixing thoroughly, use a nail polish brush to apply the color to the nails. Just make sure to rinse the brush completely before putting it back in the color pan, as any powder residue could alter the entire polish bottle. 

    While people who claim to be nail professionals swear to undergo the process, I don't recommend making it a top choice, as the powder may make your nail polish look lumpy and may even change color altogether. 

    Polish the surface of your manicure. 

    While I don't like the idea of mixing the powder with polish, gently polishing your nails after painting can do the trick. 

    If your nail polish is fully cured (a few hours after painting), or you're applying the gel, a super quick trick is to gently cushion the nail surface until the entire area is matte. In addition to removing the polish's high-gloss finish, this smooths the nail surface, making them look more professional. Just make sure not to wipe off too much and remove all the topcoats, doing so will shorten the life of your nail art. To enhance the matte effect, follow the instructions below. 


    Ultra-fine buffer


    Once your nail polish is completely dry (by the way, for classic nail polish, it can take hours to use the bumper), use the bumper to gently wipe the nail from side to side. A few swipes will solve the problem because you don't want to completely remove all the topcoats.

    Steam your nails (carefully) in a face steamer.

    Another option is to steam your nails. When you do this while the polish is drying, it minimizes the high-gloss end result. For this particular method, be sure to use an actual facial steamer, which is safe to use on your skin. Trying to use steam from boiling water or a clothes steamer can cause a risk of severe burns to the skin.


    Facial steamer


    When the nails are still wet, hover your manicure over the steam of your facial steamer. When you pull your nails away from the steam, you'll notice that they're noticeably matte.

    This may seem like an obvious choice, but don't count matte top coats. Painting on a layer of matte top coat can turn almost any shiny nail paint into a matte dream. In fact, while I admit to the desire for DIY nail mat technology, I still swear by matte topcoats first.


    Clear matte top coat


    Once the lacquer has dried, simply brush it with a matte finish (just like with a conventional topcoat). This will change your existing polish from shiny to matte.

    matte gel nails

    Designs with Matte Gel Nails

    Matte nails can be bold or subtle, and their flat surface really stands out in a world of high gloss and shimmering gloss. Even with a dizzying array of glossy nail polish colors to choose from, you'll have so much talent at your fingertips if you always flash the same texture. This new style breaks convention introduces textural elements and opens up an incredible variety of polishing possibilities. Still somewhat uncommon, nails without traditional gloss can look a little softer than shiny nails, which can make a big difference when paired and styled correctly.

    Therefore, as follows are some designs with matte gel nails. Choose one to make your perfect matte gel nails.

    Black Matte Nails

    First up we have these matte black coffin nails. Most of the nails are matte with glossy tips and there is one accent nail on each hand. The accent nails are nude with a black chevron design and black tips. We love the matte gel nails because it looks so chic and the unique nail art really gives the nails an edge. You can recreate the tips and chevrons with nail tape. Glossy polish can also be used with a matte top coat.

    Seafoam Nails

    If you're looking to modernize a French mani, then look no further. Here, glossy tips atop a smooth, matte gel nail are both elegant and edgy. We love the seafoam green and black pairing, but feel free to customize these colors to best suit you. The options are endless.

    Monochrome Shades

    Sure, burgundy and red are from the same color family but pair them together and you have yourself a high-contrast nail look that's even better matte. We're deeming this design with matte gel nails a step up from your classic red nails.

    Summer Citrus

    When deciding what colors to pair together in your matte gel nails, consider those which are complementary, like orange and blue. Interested in adding a touch of playfulness and giving off summer vibes? Citrus fruit will do just that.

    Charcoal And Nude

    Who knew that single nude dots on top of matte gel nails could be such a hit? We don't know about you, but we want to copy this manicure ASAP. While some nail art can be intimidating, this look is definitely DIY-able.

    Neon Tips

    Matte nail is major, and neon is never unpopular, making this negative-space, melon-colored manicure a must in our books. In case you can't find these shades in matte, make sure to finish with a mattifying topcoat is a solid choice.

    Matte Nails With A Marble And Glitter Design

    Another popular matte gel nail design is marble and next, we have a manicure that shows how to wear marble in style. One nail is dark, the next nail has marble art and the others are covered in gold glitter. The colors used are gorgeous and the glitter is such a glam finishing touch. There are tutorials available online for marble art. You can recreate this or choose any colors that you like.

    Matte Coffin Nail Design For Fall

    Next, we have a stylish manicure that uses neutral and gold nail colors. Some nails are nude, some are a brown shade and there is one gold nail too. Two of the nails also have art which includes a gold geometric design and rhinestones. We love the colors and the nail art is stunning too. It is a gorgeous look and it would be perfect for a special occasion. 


    Matte gel nails are to be considered very easy to apply for girls. They will make a cute and lovely look with their simple style. A beautiful nail design plays an important role just like your fashionable clothes. So you should also pay much attention to your nails if you want a complete look. 

    There are lots of reasons why matte is so popular from it being a hit with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian because the matte finish makes all colors and nail art look so classy and chic. If you haven’t tried matte nails or are in need of a fresh new design, just take action to have a try.

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