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Mermaid Nail Polish - Creating A Romantic Tale On Your Nails

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    Among the lipstick colors, the color mermaid is more popular. According to this situation, mermaid nail polish appeared in the nail industry. It was immediately liked by manicurists as soon as it was launched, and it was super popular.

    Some people may think that after the mermaid pink manicure is done, the hands will appear black, and they dare not try it easily, but the mermaid nail polish makes your fingers look white. Mermaid nail polish looks very romantic and beautiful, gentle and generous.

    If you’ve just become obsessed with mermaid nail polish but you still do not understand it, don’t worry. 

    In this post, we will focus on the introduction of mermaid nail polish and the differences between mermaid nail polish and mermaid powder. You can also learn some tips about how to apply mermaid nail polish. Keep scrolling.

    Introduction of Mermaid Nail Polish

    Mermaid nail polish is any nail enhancement or gel service that coats the top with a thin layer of iridescent sheen. The mermaid nail polish transforms the original nail color into an almost holographic color-changing experience - sparkling and eye-catching.

    Mermaid nail polish is a unique multi-color that works amazingly through pinks, purples, golds, greens, and everything in between.

    The mermaid nail polish uses a touch of rose pink as the base color and is covered with fine golden polarized glitter, which is sparkling and very fairy-like. The color is very light and the golden ratio is heavy, metallic, and polarized. Its unique luster makes the original insensitive bright pink ever-changing, and it suddenly becomes taller. It looks purple under the flash but still looks pink to the naked eye, especially in the sun and strong light.

    The mermaid effect is a special technique of nail decoration related to the use of glitter powder to spruce up your creation - whether during gel nail extensions or during gel polish application - and give life in a few steps bright and bright Really original effect.

    In fact, it’s not a metallic chroma effect as many people mistakenly think, but a game of light and shadow due to the use of glitter powder and its pigments... Mermaid effect powder is able to give our nails a radiance And the "water" aspect, like a mermaid!

    mermaid nail polish

    The Difference Between Mermaid Nail Polish and Mermaid Nail Powder

    I. Application Process

    What's the main difference between mermaid gel manicures and mermaid powder manicures? The way they were nailed to the nail. Using mermaid nail polish can be applied like regular nail polish, and after each application, you can cure it in UV or LED light. Gel mermaid nail polish contains photo-initiated polymers that are activated when exposed to light.

    This causes them to harden or solidify, which causes the polish to stick to the nail. Most of the time, this is done with UV lights because it's a bit faster than LED lights - usually within 45 seconds. Briefly, gel polish uses light curing to the nail (no UV or LED lights, it will stay moist).

    Dip nails, on the other hand, use colored powder acrylic mixed with an air-cured gelatinized resin. The application process is exactly what it sounds like. First, apply a primer or primer, then dip each nail (still wet) into a small jar of colored acrylic powder. Your manicurist (or you at home) will work in layers. Once the desired level of coverage is achieved (usually two to three rounds of maceration), an activator polish is brushed as a topcoat to cure the formula - no UV light is required.

    2. Lasting Power

    When applied correctly, a good gel manicure can last, on average, for two to three weeks. For those who tend to have oilier nail beds or are just prone to nail chipping, though, gel polish may not last for even two weeks. Dip powder manicures generally last longer than their gel counterparts.

    To give you a sense of just how strong the hardened dip powder formula is, it can be thought of as a glue-based resin that hardens when exposed to air just like actual glue. Simply put, dip powder polymers are stronger than those found in gel polish, and, therefore, dip manicures will generally last longer, up to five weeks, if properly cared for.

    3. Potential Damage To Nails

    Impatience during the removal process can result in nail damage with both gel polish and dip powder. Both manicures have the potential for damaging your nail beds, especially in the removal process.

    A lot of people get impatient with the amount of time that it takes for the gel to dissolve, and they end up pulling the polish off, which ends up damaging the nail. In order to avoid potential damage — with either gel polish or dip powder nails — you’ll need to patiently and diligently dissolve them using acetone, then follow up by consistently keeping your cuticles hydrated (the acetone can really dry out your skin).

    4. Cost And Time

    It’s difficult to estimate the general cost of either type of manicure because it depends on many factors including the salon location and the experience level of your nail technician. Typically, dip powder manicures tend to be slightly more expensive than gels, but not by much, usually only $5 to $10 more. This is because dip manicures last longer than gels, so you won’t need to go back to the salon as frequently.

    Both types of manicures, when done professionally, take about the same length of time to complete, roughly 45min to an hour. If you’re in and out of the salon in less than 30 minutes, that’s a red flag and your nails probably don’t look the best.

    Why Is Mermaid Nail Polish So Popular?

    What makes mermaid nail polish so popular is the advanced digital sharing of trends by fashion bloggers and major influencers. Pinterest creators have successfully shared ways to draw a lattice of mermaid tail scales to achieve the effect they want.

    You'll also often notice that you can achieve the look using the Ombre method, which simulates the reflective quality of a mermaid's tail. Mermaids are beautiful and mysterious sea creatures that have an alluring quality for them. Embracing this sense of sacredness as human beings is an exciting prospect and a great way for creative people to express their individuality to the world, whether on social media or at real-life gatherings with friends.

    mermaid nail polish

    How to Apply Mermaid Nail Polish?

    File And Buff Your Nails

    Start your manicure or pedicure off right with clean hands and nails. Use a file and buffer to shape and even out your nails. Move the nail file from the corner toward the center, moving in one direction. Remember–the nail file is not a saw. Do not drag it back and forth across your nails; it can splinter and damage your tips.

    Buffing the nails is a step often missed in-home manicures that can increase circulation to the nail beds and create a smoother surface to apply polish. However, when it’s done incorrectly, it can cause more harm than good. Most nail buffers have four different surfaces, each with varying grit.

    Starting with the roughest grit, hold the buffer at an angle against the nail surface and slide it towards the center of the nail. Use the same action on both sides of each nail, working from the base of the nail upwards and reducing the pressure as you reach the tip.

    Don’t Forget The Base And Top Coat Of The Nails

    A professional nail technician doesn’t skip this step and neither should you! Residue and oils on your fingernails can cause polish to chip or peel, so you need a solid base. Base coats also help protect your nails and cuticles from common problems such as breaking, splitting, and peeling.

    The top coat will lock in the color, prevent chipping, and add shine for a nicely polished look. For long-lasting polish, choose a fast-drying, shiny top coat so that you can be on your way without smudges.

    Use A Fine Tip Brush To Create A Defined Outline Around Your Nail Cuticles

    Dip a clean, fine-tip brush in acetone polish remover and make an outline around the cuticle. This makes a big difference by repelling stray polish away from the skin for a salon-quality look. After your polish is complete, apply an oil or lotion to add moisture back to your cuticles.

    Apply The Nail Polish Perfectly And With Care

    Before you even open the bottle of nail polish, roll it between your hands for 15-20 seconds. This will mix up the polish without creating bubbles, which can form an uneven coat on the nail. As you pull the brush out of the bottle, wipe one side clean and fan it out along the neck.

    Lightly tap excess polish from the other side of the brush. In one smooth motion, move the brush across the center of the nail, from cuticle to tip. Then, swipe it along the left and right sides. This three-stripe method will ensure that you get an even coat across the entire nail surface, without adding too much polish at once. Allow each coat to dry before adding the next. Apply one or two more coats to even it out and increase the richness of the color, and then finish with your top coat.

    Rotate Your Dominant Hand To Apply Nail Polish

    One of the challenges when applying fingernail polish yourself is using your non-dominant hand. For example, if you’re a righty, then applying polish with your left hand can be especially difficult. Instead of relying on your weak left hand to do all the work, lay your right hand flat and rotate it as you move along the nails.

    Allow For Adequate Drying Time

    In addition to drying each coat before applying another, you should let your nails dry completely after the final coat before carrying on with your day. Dry times will depend on the exact type of nail polish used and the number of coats applied, but typically, you’ll need at least 20 minutes of drying time for the color to set.

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    Some Designs with Mermaid Nail Polish

    mermaid nail polish can be used as nail art alone or as a color matching, and the styles are very diverse, you can match the mermaid powder nail polish that suits you according to your preferences.

    Solid color 

    First of all, I want to share with you the solid color mermaid nail polish, gradient mermaid nail polish is very suitable for the winter season, white and silver gradient mermaid ink nail art gives people a feeling of falling snow, it is recommended that beautiful women who love romantic and cute styles must not miss it. Because the color of mermaid powder is not particularly many, the solid color will not be introduced to you again.


    On the basis of mermaid meal nail polish, plus the elements of shells, it will look more fresh, there is a feeling of winter on the beach, plus pearls, rhinestones, and metal marine jewelry, just like being in the underwater world, it looks personalized and fashionable.

    Star and Moon 

    On the basis of mermaid meal nail polish, we can pick one or two star and moon patterns, although the pattern is a little cumbersome, and slightly exaggerated, but not messy at all, your nails are like the starry sky at night. Mermaid powder nail polish and star moon are also a perfect combination.

    Water corrugated

    With a silver or transparent color base, then add mermaid powder nail polish, pick one or two water ripple nail art, accessories are mainly pearls and rhinestones, especially the hand skin is fair, suitable for women with dark dark hands.


    How many people know this fashion in the nail decoration industry? How many of you have tried to realize the effect of a mermaid on her nails? Have you learned the simple mermaid meal manicure technique? Love these cute and romantic mermaid meal manicures? If you like it, try it, this is one of the super hot styles in winter.

    mermaid nail polish
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