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Nail Extension Kit-A Great Hack To Make Your Nails Longer

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    Making nail extensions with a nail extension kit is one of the most popular and loved ways to make your nails longer and firmer today. While every length and shape of nails gives us countless options, sometimes our goal is simply to add long, durable tips to the ends of each nail and even provide more space for nail art and nail polish. That's where they come in handy. This manicure technique can answer our prayers for beauty very well.

    Hence, today this post will be written to explore what is nail extension and the types of nail extension kit. Hope through this article you can find one type of nail extension kit that suits you.

    What Is Nail Extension?

    Nail extension is one of the best-known ways to achieve longer, stronger, and more attractive nails. People love unique styles and bright colors. Nail care is something that most people don't focus on, but it's certainly a major part of grooming and presentation. Lengthening nails is a trick to get the best nail art and nail polish. The trick is to use gel or acrylic nails to lengthen your natural nails.

    Nail extensions involve the addition of an artificial tip to the tip of your nail to increase the length. The appendix is then strengthened by covering it in gel, acrylic, or fiberglass. On the other hand, the artificial nail may also be affixed over your natural nails; therefore, bypassing the usage of the nail tips. The former approach is called “Tips,” while the latter is called “Forms.”

    nail extension kit

    The Types of Nail Extension Kits

    There are many different types and the most common ones are:

    • Acrylic nail extension kit
    • Dipping nail extension kit
    • Hard gel nail extension kit
    • Polygel nail extension kit
    • Soft gel nail extension kit

    Now let's look at each type of nail extension kit.

    Acrylic Nail Extension Kit

    Acrylic nails are a combination or a mixture of powder and liquid monomer to form a dough-like consistency. To apply the mixed product, use an acrylic brush. The product dries in the air and then requires a lot of filling, making them look thinner and more natural.

    Acrylic nails were the first strong and durable nail extenders.

    Is Acrylic Nail Extension Kit Good Or Bad?

    There are many reasons why acrylic nails are less popular now.

    • According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, monomers can cause a range of adverse health effects, such as irritation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes, allergic dermatitis, stomatitis, asthma, neuropathy, central nervous system disorders, liver toxicity, and fertility disorders.
    • Acrylic nails use an acrylic brush and require animal hair to function. As a vegan who strongly opposes animal cruelty, this makes acrylic nails undesirable. There are many other options for long nails that do not cause inhumane treatment of innocent animals.
    • They are considered durable because they are usually thicker and break more easily.
    • The place where acrylic is coated often has a strong chemical odor.
    • It is a dusty process due to the excessive filing required, and most acrylic manicures wear gloves. As a customer, you should also wear gloves to avoid inhaling acrylic dust
    • If the file is not done correctly, the nail will look uneven, lumpy, and too thick.
    • Extended nails can feel heavy.
    • Because acrylic resin needs to be filed, it is possible to overfill and damage natural nails
    • Acrylic nail polish takes a long time to make, which is not ideal for nail technicians and customers.
    • Not an option for a home nail extension kit.

    So based on the above, we voted against acrylic manicures.

    How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

    Acrylic nails usually last up to 3 weeks and need to be redone. This is usually done through a process called balancing, backfilling, or replenishment. This means that the nail technician does not remove the entire product, but fills in the gap between your cuticle and your old nails.

    Dipping Nail Extension Kit (Also Known As SNS)

    Impregnation or SNS became very popular in the mid-90s of the 20th century because it did not smell as bad as acrylic and took less time to make than acrylic.

    Nail polish is a type of nail polish that is first applied with a viscous liquid (super glue) and then dipped in powder (acrylic powder) with your fingers. The powder sticks directly to the glue. Repeat this process until a thicker layer is formed.

    The nails are then asked to file flat and look natural.

    So basically, dipping nail polish is using super glue to apply acrylic powder to the nails.

    Is Dipping Nail Extension Kit Good Or Bad?

    Thanks to better nail systems, more and more people are aware of these options, and nail dips are slowly losing popularity.

    • They don't have the chemical smell of acrylic.
    • Almost everyone who has dipped nail polish has had the experience of their nails feeling like paper after removing the nail polish. This is because superglue is not used to apply to nails and can damage them.
    • It is common for soaked nails to look uneven or lumpy. It's not much to do with the product, but it's more about the need for a very skilled manicurist to file properly, and it does take time.
    • Most dipping systems are non-vegetarian, which makes our practice negative.
    • Not an ideal choice in a home nail extension kit because it never looks good because of the filing technique required.
    • So based on the above, we voted against acrylic manicures.
    nail extension kit

    How Long Do Dipping Nails Last?

    Impregnated nails usually last for 2-3 weeks, and they are easily lifted in large quantities. This means that the nails need to be redone. This is usually done by soaking hands and nails in pure acetone to remove the extension of old nails and placing acetone balls in hot water balls to heat. I don't like this method because the high temperature can make acetone smoke, cause dry skin, damaged nails, and cause allergies.

    Hard Gel Nail Extension Kit:

    Hard gels are similar to acrylic nails, except that they cure under LED light and do not use monomers. It is not gel nail polish, shellac, soft gel, or soak gel.

    Hard gels are usually packed in tubes or jars, and you can extend the nail length with a hard gel that semi-covers the tip of the nail or the shape of the nail.

    Similar to acrylic, hard gels also need to be ground and shaped. Unlike acrylic, hard gels are not as harmful.

    Are Hard Gel Nails Good Or Bad?

    Hard gel nails are not as popular as other nail lengthening techniques. However, they look more natural and lighter than acrylic. There are a few things you need to know about hard gel nails, especially if you are not a trained manicurist and want to do nail lengthening at home.

    • Similar to acrylic, these need to be filed, otherwise, they will look uniform and unnatural.
    • Hard gel nails cannot be washed off, which means that if you want to remove them, you must fill them. This increases the risk of over-trimming and ruining natural nails.
    • Hard nails require a lot of practice to achieve perfect results, and in the beginning, it can take a lot of time to complete a set of nails.

    So based on the above, we voted for the hard gel expansion possible.

    How Long Do Hard Gel Nails Last?

    Nail soaking usually lasts 3-5 weeks. This means that the nails need to be redone. Similar to acrylic nails, this is usually done through a process called balancing, backfilling, or filling. This means that the nail technician does not remove the entire product, but fills in the gap between your cuticle and your old nails.

    Polygel Nail Extension Kit:

    Polygel nail extension kit is usually sold in tubes, which is a mixture of acrylic powder and gel. The consistency of the poly gel can be described as a patty-like gel, which is easier to apply but still requires a little file, but not as much as acrylic, impregnated, or hard gel nails.

    Usually, a plastic nail that is used to help shape the polymer glue, which is then applied to the nail. Because there is gel in the product, it needs to be cured under an LED light.

    To remove and replace, unlike hard gel nails, you can soak off the poly gel or backfill.

    Are Polygel Nails Good Or Bad?

    Polygel nails haven't become very popular, and we think that's because dipping nails are still very popular and Polygel may not last long if used incorrectly. A key advantage of poly rubber nails over acrylic, impregnated, and hard gel nails are that it doesn't take as long to make because it requires less filling.

    • If used improperly, multi-gummed nails often fall off.
    • It takes some practice to learn how to apply them.
    • This can be a great option for a nail extension kit at home, but you'll need some key tools to be able to do this at home.
    • If applied very thinly, it is easy to break because there is usually nothing to support the extended nail.
    • It still needs to be archived to mold and can be uneven if not handled properly.

    So based on the above, we voted for Polygel Extension Possible.

    nail extension kit

    How Long Do Polygel Nails Last?

    If used correctly, poly gel nails can usually last up to 3 weeks before needing to be reused. This means that nails can be removed by soaking, just soaking, and then repainted, or you can refill them like hard gel nails.

    Soft Gel Nail Extension Kit

    Soft gel nail extension Use gel products to extend your nails. They are also known as extractive nail extenders because they are 100% extracted, unlike hard gel nail extenders, they do not contain acrylic. They are purely gel-based. They are not the same as gel nail polishes because they are stronger and you can use them to lengthen your nails.

    The latest technology for soft gel nails is to brush on the building gel or build the gel in the bottle.

    Similar to all other nail stretching systems, we've already discussed, soft gel nail stretches can use half-cover tips and forms.

    However, what is more, exciting is that soft gel nails make nail extensions better at home or in the salon. This new technique is known as full cover tips.

    Are Soft Gel Nails Good Or Bad?

    Thanks to the ease of use, perfect shape, and endorsements from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, soft gel nails are starting to become super popular.

    • No archiving is required to shape.
    • If you have a salon, it is super fast to apply and therefore a more economical solution.
    • It's easy to learn, and you don't need to complete a nail technician course to learn how to do it.
    • This is the best solution to having a nail extension kit at home.
    • It feels and looks like natural nails to the touch and appearance.

    So based on the above, we voted in favor of full coverage nail extension.

    How Long Do Soft Gel Nails Last?

    Soft gel nails usually last 3-5 weeks. When it's time to redo them, you can either remove them or fill the voids with gel from the bottle.

    Things to Consider When Buying a Nail Extension Kit


    It is important to choose products of good quality because cheap products can harm your nails and interfere with the natural growth and smoothness of your nails. Poor-quality gels are also not durable and brittle. Before buying a nail kit, carefully review the material. Avoid toxic chemicals.


    Choose full-size products for maximum benefit. Kits are available in different sizes, so make sure the number can be used for multiple applications.

    Color options: Kits with more color options are feasible so you can try different styles.


    A smooth texture is essential for a glossy finish. It must also complement the size and shape of the nail.

    Curing Time

    One of the most important requirements during application is curing time, depending on whether you need to use a lamp or not. LED and UV lamps are the most commonly used treatments for poly gel nails. Usually, LED lights treat nails faster than UV lights.

    Removal Process

    Most kits have a solution to remove nail gel. Sometimes, removing the hard coating can take a long time, requiring a lot of filing and polishing.


    Make sure the kit you buy is within your budget. The price depends on the quality and tools in the kit.

    Items Included

    Some nail extension kits do not come with LED curing lights, top and base coatings, or slip solutions. This can lead to hidden charges.

    Getting your nails perfectly trimmed can be challenging. But such nails are attractive and will make your hands look amazing. Unlike regular nail kits, the best nail kits mimic the natural nail feel. These kits dry out quickly, making your nails look beautiful. In addition, these nail kits contain non-toxic ingredients and are chip-resistant. Some nail kits also offer a smooth surface. Consider buying a durable, quick-drying nail extension kit.

    nail extension kit


    Nail extension is either considered pompous, popular, or a way to spoil yourself from time to time. No matter how you think or feel, the truth is that nail extension or well-done nails look attractive. And, manicured nails are a sign of wealth! Currently, although many people have loose long nails, some of us are not lucky enough to have beautiful long nails. Attribute it to the habit of biting nails, broken nails of a specific length, or brittle tension or split nails. However, the good news is that nail extension kits can help you. Hopefully, through this article, you can choose the nail extension kit that suits you.

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