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Pastel Nail Polish- Giving You A Warm Hug In All Seasons

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    Pastel nail polish is like a hug in a bottle. Even if you don't think of yourself as someone who loves unicorns and loves to wear cute nail colors, the allure of baby blue, mint green, pink, and lilac is hard to ignore. And with the arrival of spring, maybe it's time to get rid of your winter's dark nail polish.

    Pastel nail polish has become a common nail art trend in all seasons. These pink nail polish variants have taken over the internet and have so many unique colors and beautiful designs.

    As the temperature rises, pastel nail polish appears calm, relaxed, and pretty. These pastels come in a variety of shades to suit all skin tones; Light, dark, caramel color, etc. They began to be socially accepted and suited. Spring, autumn, winter, or summer, there's always a perfect pastel hue for you.

    If you think pastel nail polishes are a distant memory, think again! Of course, we all love to paint our nails in bright colors, but this time, when you think about getting a manicure, opt for pastel colors. Pastel nail polishes look flattering on all kinds of skin tones.

    Therefore, today in this article I will focus on different colors of pastel nail polish and will also give you some tips to wear it. Hope this post is useful for you.

    pastel nail polish

    Some Pretty Colors of Pastel Nail Polishes

    From sunshine yellow to soft pink, from popsicle orange to cool blue, each tone of pastel nail polish makes for a chic, sophisticated choice for beauty and fashion alike.


    Does anything say spring is better than pink? We think not! No matter what the occasion or what you're wearing pink pastel nail polishes are always the perfect match.

    Mint fresh

    All you need is one good pastel green in your beauty arsenal and you're good to go. Misty green is a beautiful counterpoint to pastel pinks and blues if you're styling a gradient nail mani. Have you seen it subbed in for the traditional white stripe in a French mani? Beyond chic. It's also stunning worn alone. Either way, we love it and you will too.


    Did you know that pastel gel polishes can look neat and professional at the same time? If you need something that is office-friendly and trendy, go for this shade! It is feminine as well as subtle while having that dash of neon.

    This subtle orange color does not glow in the dark, but it will still make a statement. If you are a fan of shorter, subtle, as well as oval nails - go for this gel polish.


    So far, the undercover hot spot in 2020 has to be lilac. We understand. If you're looking for a modern twist in romantic lavender nail polish, try a gorgeous full-coverage cream with the softest hint of lilac. If you like your pink, add a little something and try a bright, clean soft purple. Glory!


    Last, but not least, do you adore this blue pastel nail polish? This is one of the prettiest and most-worn shades during the Summer season, and it is an absolute hit for the beach. If you are into fun and feminine polishes, this color is for you!

    You can go for any shape and any length with this gel. Blue colors are easy to wear and pair with anything, and you will enjoy a huge variety with this pastel nail polish.

    pastel nail polish

    Some Designs with Pastel Nail Polishes

    Mix and match

    We've seen nail artists mix and match nail polish shades for their clients, and they came out so beautiful and unique. If you aren't brave enough, start with muted earth tones such as pastel moss green, and beige. Spring Summer 2020 trend forecast says that tones reminiscent of garden parties will be a huge hit this time of the year. We think it's an all-year color because of its easy-to-wear vibe and sophisticated allure.

    We recommend matching our Pastel Soft Pop Nail Polish in 787 Jelly with the shade 788 Lady. Together, these shades make for a fresh look on your nails. Opt to paint your forefingers and pinkies with the muted green shade, while the two middle fingers and thumbs with the soft nude shade. This way, the subdued green shades make for a pretty accent.

    Refined ombré

    Whether or not the ombré trend appeals to you, you're in for a treat. This nail trend is not your regular ombré. It consists of one solid but softened tone per nail, ranging from the boldest pastel hue you can find to be painted on your pinky and ring fingers to the most muted tone of nude you can get your hands on to be painted on your thumb. This is the time to get creative with a range of colors.

    We suggest going for Pastel Soft Pop Nail Polish in the 783 Be Cool shade for the pinky and ring fingers, then move on to the 782 Babe shade for the middle finger. Paint the shade 786 Lollipop for your forefinger, then finish off with the 784 Be Happy shade to complete the look.

    Why Is Pastel Nail Polish So Popular?

    It's no secret that nail polish is one of the most popular beauty products on the market. But have you ever wondered why pastel nail polish is so popular? Here are five reasons why nail art lovers enjoy using these lighter cream shades.

    1. Pastel nail polish is versatile. It can be used for a variety of looks, from natural to glam. So you can go from the beach to the club without having to even think about doing your nails again.

    2. Pastel nail polish is easy to apply. You don't need any special skills to get a great result. All you need is a really good base coat and top coat to help your manicure last.

    3. Pastel nail polish is affordable when you purchase sets or collections. You can find many affordable options on the market, making it a great option for budget-conscious shoppers. The gel polish kits are usually a price that many people can afford. So it makes a good option because you can get a ton of polishes to try.

    So there you have it! Those are just a few reasons why pastel nail polish is so popular. If you're looking for new nail color, consider giving pastel nail polish a try!

    pastel nail polish
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    How to Apply Pastel Nail Polishes?

    1. Prepare Your Tools

    Before you start doing your pastel manicure, make sure that you are well-equipped with the right set of tools. Aside from your pastel polishes (or one pastel polish only), you should also have:

    - A UV or LED lamp

    - Nail file

    - Nail scissors

    - Base & top coat

    Make sure to cut your nails per your preference, and shape them into your ideal shape. Once you're satisfied with their length and shape, it is time for your next (more fun) step!

    2. Use A Bluesky Base Coat

    The number one trick when it comes to the longevity of any manicure (or even makeup for that matter) is in the priming.

    You should always prep your nails and invest in your base coat before moving forward.

    Apply one layer of your base onto clean & shaped nails. Let the base dry under your UV or LED lights for 60 seconds. Once prepped & primed, you can begin the coloring process!

    3. Add Your Pastel Gel Polish

    Now it's time to achieve your pastel nails! The best part regarding this manicure? There are no strict rules that you need to follow! You can go for any shade you want, or you can mix & match all sorts of different polishes!

    Apply your chosen shade starting at the root of your nail, and drag it upwards. If you are into color and you love bright & noticeable shades, get creative! You can color each of your nails in a different shade, and embrace this fun pastel look this summer season!

    PS: Add thin layers

    It is always best to start out thin & minimalistic, and only slowly add more. Never go for thick & chunky coats since these are harder to dry.

    4. Set It Under A UV Lamp

    You should set your first coat of color for 60 seconds with your UV lamp. Add one more coat of your preferred gel shade, and also set it as well under your UV light.

    However, this time, go for 120 seconds just to be sure that it sets in place.

    If you end up making a mistake just use a small q-tip and wipe the edges with your acetone. Do this step before you place your fingers in your LED lamp.

    5. Use a top coat

    You should always lock in your achieved results with a Bluesky top coat. Use the Bluesky top coat since it will help you prolong the longevity of your manicure. You should add one thicker coat of polish and dry it under your UV lamp for 60 seconds.

    You can choose between two different finishes - matte or glossy. The choice is entirely up to you! However, just know that pastel polishes and bright colors usually look the best once as shiny and as glossy as possible.

    pastel nail polish
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    How to Choose the Best Pastel Nail Polish?

    With a variety of pastel nail polishes available in the market, choosing the best one for your nails can be a tedious task. Read the points given below that can assist you in choosing the best pastel nail polish for your nails.


    This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is one of the most critical points to consider. While you can choose from stunning pinks and purples to beautiful pastel blues and yellows, you must pick colors that complement not only your skin tone and the ones that you most gravitate towards. If you're dusky, do not choose nail paints with white undertones, and if you have fair skin, select ones with highly pigmented colors, this will help your nails stand out.


    Always keep an eye out for formulas that are quick-drying, chip-resistant, and long-lasting. A nail polish with all the above features will ensure your nail paint stays on for a long while protecting your nail's health and longevity.


    Many pastel nail polish colors in the market come loaded with harmful ingredients like parabens, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, and more. This may ruin and damage your nail's health, and hence, it is best to steer clear of them. Instead, opt for nail paints with natural and non-toxic ingredients.


    The soft pastel nail polish hue may be synonymous with spring, but they're a year-round dream choice. There's nothing like a lifting manicure in the depths of winter that lifts your spirits, does it? A good pastel mani can take you everywhere; From the office to the club, to brunch, and back. They play the same with fresh facial makeup and white T-shirts as they do with a full gorgeous look and gorgeous dresses.

    It's a trend somewhere between nude nails and bolder designs, such as glitter nails and gold nail art. Professionals are proving that it doesn't have to be disgustingly sweet either. Decorate it with stiletto heels or coffin-shaped acrylic. Fix your nails with a matte or gel to smooth your nails. With so many options, you don't have to go all out, as negative space design proves. Sometimes a soft pop color is what you need, and if you can't decide to just choose one color, a soft rainbow will always be the winner.

    And if you can't choose one pastel nail polish… Choose them all! Pastel nails are the clear winner when it comes to Instagram's favorite nail trend. The joy of choosing pastel nail polish for this look is that no matter how you arrange the colors, they always look complementary to each other.

    pastel nail polish
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