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Reflective Gel Polish- A Perfect And Eye-Catching Choice For Your Nails

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    You know, every girl wants to stand out and be at the center of the crowd. To do this, they not only need to dress carefully in terms of makeup, clothing, and hairstyle, but also pay attention to their nails. The hands are the most eye-catching place, and if your nails are beautiful, you must have gotten a big plus in the eyes of those around you. So, how do you play the brightest hand in every game? Let reflective gel polish help you!

    Today, we're going to show you the brightest and shiniest gel nail polish that will make your nails look cute! That's reflective gel polish.

    Through this post you can find the differences between reflective gel polish and regular polish, and the general features of reflective gel polish.

    reflective gel polish

    An Introduction To Reflective Gel Polish

    Reflective gel polish has a long and varied history, having been used in everything from fashion to art.

    Reflective gel polish is a type of nail polish that contains tiny reflective particles. When these particles catch the light, they create a dazzling sparkle that can be quite eye-catching. reflective gel polish has been around for centuries, and its popularity has waxed and waned over time.

    One of the earliest examples of reflective gel polish can be found in ancient Greece. Women, there would often use a type of metal called “cosmetics mirrors” to apply reflective powder to their faces. This gave them a youthful appearance and made them look more attractive.

    Reflective gel polish didn’t become popular in the West until the early 1900s when it began being used in stage makeup. Actors would often wear reflective gel polish on their eyelashes or eyebrows to make them stand out more against the dark backdrop of the stage.

    In later years, reflective gel polish began being used in fashion as well. Designers started using it on clothing, shoes, and accessories to add an extra bit of glamour and shine. Today, reflective nails are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the amazing range of reflective gel polishes available on the market.

    Reflective nail polish is a revolutionary nail polish that was first invented by Bow nail polish in 2021. Displays normal results in natural light. When exposed to direct flashlights, halogen bulbs, sunlight, or any lamp, it flares with bright lights to create an amazing effect like a broken diamond! These gel-type nail polishes dry quickly and becomes textured (but not too gritty) when dry. To smooth the surface, it is recommended to apply 1-2 layers of quick-drying topcoat on top.

    Reflective gel polishing can be removed without soaking or using the foil method. Simply apply it to a plain (non-glitter) primer and you can remove it effortlessly, unlike most glitter polishes. After pressing the nail with a paper towel soaked in nail polish remover for 10-15 seconds, the nail polish begins to decompose, producing fine sand-like particles that can be easily removed without causing any damage to the nail.

    For flash-reflex nail polish, the camera doesn't do that. You'll have to see for yourself! This is the hottest nail art trend in 2022!

    General Features Of Reflective Gel Polish

    Reflective gel polish usually comes in gel form, a skin-friendly gel with a safe body ingredient that ensures a clear source that binds to lotions to help the paint stay on the nail surface longer. Usually, they are stored in screw-cap bottles, which are very strong, small, and easy to carry.

    However, not all reflective gel nail polishes are of good quality and will give you the most satisfactory nails. At present, there are many products on the market, many of which are of unknown origin, are not environmentally friendly, are easy to adapt to the skin, and are not durable on the customer's nail surface. So, to have the brightest and most luxurious nails, you should carefully consider being both safe and beautiful, and stylish.

    Reflective Glitter VS Regular Glitter

    Even after applying these types of nail polish for a few months, I still don't have a good answer as to what exactly separates reflective nail polish from regular glitter. Later, after inquiring and understanding, I learned that the light emitted by traditional glitter is more diffuse, so much of the light that hits them disappears. The light scatters to a point, so what you see is a flash of light instead of the beam of a flashlight. I think it's like the job of a normal flash is to sparkle, not radiate light.

    However, glitter is designed to reflect light back and not scatter like regular glitter. They not only capture light, but also absorb it and reflect it back like micro prisms or mirrors. So, more light reaches your eyes, enhancing brightness.

    If you compare it to the way stop signs are handled – when your headlights shine on a stop sign, the stop sign will reflect your headlight beam back to illuminate the stop sign, which is different from the way the chrome post holding the sign is reflected, which is also technically reflective. Reflective gel polishing does the same.

    reflective glitter can be made from resin mixtures or micro glass beads made to specifically bounce light back like a mirror.

    But if that's what reflecting glitter is made of, what is regular glitter made of?

    The answer is a wide, wide range of things. The majority of glitter you'll come across is either plastic or plastic metalized with aluminum. A New York Times article interviewed someone from a glitter factory for the ins and outs, including the process for making holographic and iridescent glitters. Holo is made by embossing a specific pattern onto the glitter and iridescence is achieved by layering many clear films that each interact with light differently. (The article specifies they use 233 layers for their iridescent glitter. That's wild.)

    You can also find glitter made with mica, glass, biodegradable cellulose, or even fish scales for shimmer which you'll find labeled as guanine, according to the Cosmetics Info site. 

    reflective gel polish

    The Pros And Cons Of Reflective Gel Polish

    Reflective gel polish has both positive and negative aspects that should be considered before deciding if it is the right choice for you.

    The Pros Of Reflective Gel Polish

    On the plus side, reflective gel polish gives nails an extra bit of sparkle and can be a fun way to change up your look. Additionally, reflective gel polish can help you match your nails to a specific outfit or event.

    • Persistent shine that does not lose brightness after applying a top coat or exposure to ultraviolet light;
    • Ideal for creative photo shoots and explosive parties;
    • Safe for nails;
    • The reflective effect from the first layer, which you can easily apply even at home;
    • Save time and money – no more need to rub a special pigment into your nails!

    The Cons Of Reflective Gel Polish

    However, reflective gel polish does have some drawbacks.

    The main downside of reflective gel polish is that it can be difficult to see what color your nails are in certain lighting conditions. This can be a problem if you are trying to match your nails to a specific outfit or if you want to use reflective gel polish for a special occasion. Additionally, reflective gel polish can be tricky to apply and can often end up looking messy.

    Despite its drawbacks, reflective gel polish is still a popular choice for many people. It provides a unique look that can’t be replicated with any other type of nail polish, and it is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

    Aren't All Glitter Polish Reflective?

    Yes, no. Different types of glitter interact with light in different ways.

    The multichrome polish flakies will bend the light in a certain way, and the iridescent glitter will bend the light in a different way.

    Holographic glitter can refract light, splitting it into different colors of light, which is why it has a rainbow-like flash.

    Standard glitter reflects light, but is far less efficient than strobe designed to reflect light at a higher level. Polished gold rings are reflective, but not as reflective as safety worn by night joggers. This is a good contrast.

    Why Is My Reflective Gel Polish Not Shining?

    Gloss it up. A lot of polishes with a high density of glitter pigments tends to be dry matte. This dull surface will diminish their shine, but once you apply a glossy surface layer on top, you will immediately sparkle.

    It's also possible that you'll need to apply another layer of nail polish.

    If you have applied a layer of lacquer and the polishing oil is opaque, you may be in a place with bad light. Try shining a smartphone flashlight on your nails. If that doesn't work, sorry friend, you need a better polish.

    reflective gel polish

    Is It The Same As Mirror Polish?

    Nope. Mirror nails are generally made by buffing nail powder onto a no wipe gel top coat. This gives it a shiny, chrome appearance, but not a reflective one.

    How To Make A Nail Art With A Reflective Gel Polish?

    The principle of applying reflective gel nail polish to the nails is no different from applying traditional nail polish: it is enough to first apply a layer of primer, and then one or two layers of selected color. It is best to cover the manicure with a smooth top, which emphasizes the shine rather than matte.

    The color scheme of the new collection is relatively standard, and if you want to add variety to your nail art, you can combine reflective gel nail polish with the design or use a colored base.

    Diamond or disco polish are other names for reflecting polish.

    Some Chic Nail Design With Reflective Gel Polish

    If making all the nails in one color is boring for you, you can express your creativity to collocate it with other nail products like pure color gels, cat eye gels, decorations and so on.

    Here are some fashionable designs we would like to recommend you and inspire you.

    Similar Color Collocation

    Similar color collocation can’t be a wrong choice at anytime. We’ve got a variety of 15 colors for you to choose. Color 01 and 13 are silver series that matches almost every other colors perfectly. Color 05, 06 and 11 are red series, 02 and 09 are green series, 03,08 and 12 are blue series, 04,07,10 and 15 are yellow series. Following the similar color principle, you can choose 2 or 3 colors in the same color series, or you can choose a similar pure color gel polish to match it.

      Complimentary Color Collocation

    Complimentary colors mainly refers to strong contrast colors like classical black and white, black and pink, yellow and purple. Choose your favorite colors to make a cool design with complimentary colors.

    Collocated With Cat Eye Gel Polishes

    Cat eye gel polish is also a kind of gel polish with shimmering powders. It matches our new glitter gel perfectly and makes the whole design more noble.

     Collocated With Rhinestones

    Adding some rhinestones will give your nail design a stereoscopic effect.

    Animal Prints Over Glitter Gel

    Animal prints are always one of the most popular elements of fashion, which is never out of date. Cute zebra prints and sexy leopard prints with color 01 glitter gel are definitely gorgeous.

      Gradient Style With Nail Decorations

    Compared with full coverage, gradient style with clear base for glitter gel polish will be more noble and elegant. Try this design to fit your white dress.

      Glitter French Style

    Apply a clear or black base then use the glitter gel to make a special French style will be extremely chic.

      Glitter Patterns On A Clear Base

    Paint some cute stars and hearts with the glitter gel on a clear base is absolutely lovely and outstanding when it is under the strong light.

    Got an idea to create your own design with our super premium glitter gel polish? Pick your favorite colors and get started right now!

    reflective gel polish


    Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use reflective gel polish is a personal one. If you are looking for a unique and attention-grabbing nail look, reflective gel polish may be right for you. In daylight, such a manicure does not attract much attention and resembles the effect of holographic sand, but LEDs or a flash can do real magic with it!

    We believe that each color of glitter gel nail polish has a unique shade and has a special meaning to each person's purpose and taste. We are sure they will be the most perfect choices and will not let you down.

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