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Tiffany Blue Nail Polish-An Elegant Queen On Your Nails

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    Maybe it's the Audrey Hepburn film or the joy that fills us all when we catch a glimpse of the robin's egg box from Tiffany's. No matter what the case may be, there is a distinct allure to tiffany blue nail polish, and you can now wear it on your fingertips.

    There’s something about Tiffany Blue nail designs and their unique color that just gives you an elegant and timeless look no matter what design you go for. Even if people don’t know what Tiffany Blue is, the vibrant colorway will stand out.

    What Is Tiffany Blue Nail Polish?

    Tiffany blue nail polish is the nail polish whose color is tiffany blue.

    Tiffany blue is one of the most iconic color shades in popular culture. Popularized by the Tiffany & Co. jewelry company, this beautiful turquoise-blue shade is fresh, and fun, and can be used for a wide variety of design applications.

    In 1845, the jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co., designed an iconic color for his jewelry line by mixing bright green with a hint of blue. This resulted in the beautiful, sophisticated shade of turquoise known as “Tiffany blue.” The Tiffany blue color code (hex code) is #0ABAB5 and it has RGB values of R:10, G:186, B:181.

    Tiffany blue nail polish pairs best with white nail polish for an upscale and sophisticated look; however, it can also be paired with corals, dark blues, and yellows in moderation. If you’re looking for some shade variations, you can try some of the following colors:

    • Blue (#0000FF)
    • Dark blue (#00008B)
    • Blue gray (#6699CC)
    • Royal blue (#4169E1)
    • Misty blue (#A0AFB7)

    No matter what nail manicure you’re working on, Tiffany blue nail polish can provide your designs with an elegant aesthetic that’s ready for the limelight. 

    Why Tiffany Blue Nail Polish Is So Popular?

    Since the iconic Tiffany Blue Box® debuted, the iconic robin's egg blue hue is now known as Tiffany Blue® and has become synonymous with luxury brands. Whether it's the Tiffany Blue Box® or the power of instant color recognition in jewelry and home and accessory design, it can't be overstated.

    While there is no definitive answer as to why Charles Lewis Tiffany chose this unique color, some believe it was because turquoise was popular in 19th-century jewelry. Turquoise was a favorite of Victorian brides, who would give the bride a dove-shaped turquoise brooch as a souvenir on their wedding day, which added to the popularity of this color.

    Tiffany Blue® has been registered as a color trademark by Tiffany & Co. since 1998 and standardized in 2001 as a custom color created by Pantone® specifically for Tiffany and is not publicly available. No matter what medium is used to reproduce color, Tiffany's proprietary hues is consistent and recognizable. The Pantone® color is known as "1837 Blue" and is named after Tiffany's founding year.

    An international symbol of elegance and sophistication, Tiffany Blue is more than just a color, it symbolizes something greater: it recalls the magic of Tiffany and guarantees that something from Tiffany Blue Box® will always bring joy.

    Therefore, many nail polish manufacturers start to use the color of tiffany blue in their nail polish. And tiffany blue nail polish comes into the market.

    Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Designs With Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    This cute pale washed-out blue color has got peacefulness written in its name, and especially in its looks.

    It looks like we are stuck in a support group since Tiffany is greeting us like this, but we don’t mind it since the group is fulfilled with positive thoughts, vibrant colors, and original nail designs.

    White 3D Flowers With Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    If you prefer a nail set that’s got more of a cleaner look to it, then this full ombré set will do the trick. The accent nail is fully blue with some white 3D flowers on it.

    Gold Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    I love how elegant this nail set looks. Check out these square-shaped nails filled with blue ombré nails and clear nails topped with hints of blue polish and gold flakes.

    Chic Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    This nail set feels so retro and chic. We’ve got these short tapered nails painted with tiffany blue polish and white micro Frenchies.

    Half Tiffany Blue Nail Polish And Half Glitter

    Here’s another clean-looking nail set. We’ve got some short round nails paired with a pink nail with a vertical line in the middle. I like how the line is half tiffany blue and half glitter.

    Butterfly Design With Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Here we’ve got a full blue nail set. I like how there’s a fully opaque and saturated glitter nail which adds more texture to the look.

    Tropical Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    These nails take on a tropical theme. We’ve got these beautiful blue painted nails with a nice accent nail of the blue sky and the white sand.

    White And Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Let’s take a break from full blue nails for a sec. Here are some predominantly white nails that are matched with blue nails with white detailing. Hints of both colors can be found on each nail, giving it a more cohesive look.

    Accent Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Here are some short tapered nails with an accent nail filled with deep blue glitter. I also like how the glitter has hints of purple to it.

    Pink Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    You don’t need to paint all of your nails with blue polish; it also serves as a perfect accent nail! I love how well these natural pink nails look with the bright blue accent nail.

    Marble Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    This set might just be my personal favorite. Mixing a luxury shade with this fantastic marble nail design just looks great without looking like you’re trying too hard. I’m here for it.

    Classy Glitter Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Here’s a nail set that has just a little bit of everything. We’ve got some classy blue tips, classy ombrê, and sheer glitter.

    Pretty White Daisies With Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    If you only want something simple to add to your pretty blue nail set, then these pretty white daisies should do the trick! They’re a very simple and light design that can be added to almost any nail set

    Mario Characters With Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Here’s one of the more playful designs in this nail set. We’ve got some Mario characters that really give a reminiscent feel.

    Rounded French Tiffany Blue Nail Polish

    Here’s another version of some French tips. This time, we’ve got some rounded nails, and if you look a bit closer, you’ll notice that the tips are higher on one section.

    ✔️ Pick your nail length strategically. Longer nails can elongate fingers, but shorter nails are less likely to chip, so opt for a clean, shortcut if you're worried about chipping.

    What's The Best Way To Make Tiffany Blue Nail Polish Last?

    ✔️ Prep is key. Make sure nails are clean and dry before application for a long-lasting manicure. Be sure to swipe nails with polish remover immediately before applying nail polish to remove any residue. Push back cuticles for a neat, clean application, and apply a base coat ... before applying color.

    ✔️ Apply polish carefully — and sparingly. When it comes to painting on the polish, applying with caution and not applying more than two coats is ideal for a long-lasting manicure.

    ✔️ Maintain your mani. After-care should consist of daily hydration to the cuticles. I recommend using coconut oil to moisturize the nail bed. In the Beauty Lab, we love a hand cream or a specialized cuticle cream to keep nails healthy and hydrated.

    5 Tips On Choosing The Right Nail Polish Colors

    Nevertheless, after years of gaining experience as a nail artist, I’ve gathered tried and tested measures in selecting the right nail polish colors. These are also my gauge whenever clients ask for my recommendations. This post is a product of my journey, and the list would hopefully help you make that intelligent decision.

    Here are my top five tips to guide you on your way to manicure perfection. Enjoy!

    1. Your Skin Tone

    There’s probably no need to elaborate on just how important it is to match nail polish to your complexion. You may see a color or shade that looks good on your friend. However, it didn’t translate just as well when you’re sporting it. Have you considered the difference in your complexion? Colors may look washed out or mismatched depending on the skin tone. Thus, complexion should be one of the main considerations.

    As a tip, take note of the following:

    Fair skin – For this skin tone, try to work your way around nail polish colors with a lighter shade. Remember to stay away from very dark colors except for red. Do try:

    Pastel colors


    Purple shades



    Medium or olive skin tone – This is the type of complexion that can carry almost anything except rust and gold nail polish. The latter colors do not complement this skin tone. Do try:


    Red (Orange-Red)


    Blue (Sky Blue)


    Dark skin – As shocking as this may sound, very dark tones look best on dark skin. Dark colors pop out and they look vibrant with this skin tone. Thus, avoid light or pale colors as they tend to look washed out with your skin color. Do try:

    Neon and bright Pink / Fuchsia

    Darker berry tint of Purple

    Deep reds

    Cream and beige with a sheer

    Intense Cobalt shades

    2. Your Makeup

    The color of your makeup and nail polish can make or break you. Aim for a good kind of attention, so avoid matching your makeup and nail polish in a way that you look outdated. The point is, you don’t want to look tacky. Right? Being matchy-matchy is okay as long as it’s done right.

    This makes you look pulled together. Thus, if you’re wearing dark makeup, match it with your nails by painting them with darker nail polish shades. It’s acceptable to wear a similar shade of lipstick and nail polish.

    3. The Season

    Picking the right nail polish color is also dependent on the season. It’s best if your choice complements the time of the year. During Winter try darker shades. Pretty pastels look gorgeous during Spring while fun and bright neon hues are stunning color choices for Summer. Finally, nudes and neutrals are recommended during Autumn.

    4. The Occasion

    Where you’re wearing the nail polish is also of extreme importance. It would be kind of weird to look so glammed yet totally out of place. Thus, you need to choose your nail colors according to the occasion. What will you be doing during the day? Are you just hanging out in the mall?

    Feel free to wear your choice of fun and bubbly colors. If you’re going on a night out, you can be daring and try gold, bronze, or silver. However, if you have a job interview or business meeting, shift to the safe side and wear neutral colors. Rule of thumb: choose what’s appropriate.

    5. Latest Trends

    This is, of course, another good consideration. Pay attention to what’s currently trending and popular. Fashion experts are called that way for a good reason, so trust them. Check out what’s hot and not. Try out what’s on the radar but you also need to be discerning whether it fits you and your style or lifestyle among many other considerations. Note though that while fashion trends are amazing, you need not join the bandwagon if you’re not feeling comfortable with it.

    What To Consider When Buying A Tiffany Blue Nail Polish?

    1. The Odour

    To start, check the odor. This is a very important feature that you have to take into account at all costs. You have to ensure that the polish you are about to buy has a very sweet odor. Some types of polish have very strong odors which can even cause the people around you to choke.

    On the other hand, you might also choke due to the strong scents that are associated with certain polish. If you are attending a meeting with clients and business associates, getting the polish that does not come with a very strong and disturbing odor is a must. You do not only need to go for the polish that does not have a strong odor but also one whose odor is sweet.

    2. Ability To Glitter

    Another important thing is the ability of the nail polish to glitter on exposure to direct sunlight or any form of indoor light. Polish that comes in dull colors is not usually able to glitter upon exposure to direct sunlight or indoor lighting. Rather, it remains unnoticed even in flood lights. If you want to be able to attract the people around you, you should look out for polishes that can glitter upon exposure to direct sunlight or indoor lighting.

    3. Colour Combination

    Colour combinations often account for the elegance that is associated with a particular nail polish for the nails. The color of the nail polish will determine how elegant you will appear before the eyes of onlookers. For this reason, you have to ensure that the nail polish you are buying is associated with very appealing color combinations. Take your time to look out for gels that have been tailored to make you look good and to make you feel more confident about yourself.

    Instead of relying on artificial nails, you need to use nail polishes that can produce a good finish after application. This is a very important factor that you cannot do away with. A good finish can last for a taste of time after application. Also, a good finish cannot easily wear out when subjected to external forces and certain agents.

    Tiffany Blue Nail Polish


    tiffany blue nail polish looks so perfect on nails. I promise that you will fall in love with it. Whether you want a simple design to do yourself or a complex design to show at your next manicure appointment –choose tiffany blue nail polish.

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